Endo & Acid reflux. Do you suffer with both?

I am doing some research into endo and acid reflux and how the two things link together. I am a professional singer and suffer with both. I had to have a vocal operation 2 years ago as a result and learn to sing again. I notice that my reflux is worse in the lead up to my period each month. Id like to hear from other suffers on this.

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  • Have you looked at the use of NSAID's like iboprofen etc as a contributory factor? I take mefanamic acid plus lansoprazole for stomach protection.


  • Hi Kay

    I'm on Lansoprazol and Gaviscon too. I'm interested in the internal physical link ie:rather than external contributing factors but hadn't considered pain killers being an issue so that's an interesting point

  • I am a professional singer, too, studying on opera course at ram. I found my singing suffered a lot before my lap. Mainly due to lack of support etc but I was also convinced that the diclofenac was causing problems for my vocal chords. I ended up with a cyst on the right vocal fold but it went once I was off the diclofenac and had had a month off singing. Not sure which was the main cause (medication or singing on no support) but another singer friend who took diclofenac for a longtime for a broken collar bone said she felt the same about the drug. Not necessarily reflux but still related.

  • Hi Sophie,

    Have you thought of discussing the problem with a nutritional therapist--they will be able to explain the science behind what is going on in your whole digestive tract?

  • I also have Endometriosis and I have Gastro Intestinal Reflux Disease,I take 20mg of omeprazole twice a day. This is very interesting as I didnt realise that there was a link,i did notice that my reflux is worse when I ovulate and when my period is due but just put this down to hormones and PMS. At one point my heartburn was so bad a few days before my period came,I thought I was pregnant,but I wasnt. Read up a little on symptoms of PMS and heartburn and reflux is in there.

  • I have suffered my entire adult life and singing career with acid reflux. I set up the UK's first and only singer support group for pre and post op singers after a career threatening vocal op 2 years ago. voxop.co.uk @ Helen you would be most welcome. It's a free service. I set the group up to provide emotional support for singers going through this awful experience. Most singers attending have acid reflux.

  • I too have acid reflux and take lansoprazole 30mg daily for acid reflux. I was diagnosed with gastro intestinal reflux disease before I was diagnosed with endo. I no this is an old post, but have you managed to find any links?

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