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Pregnancy or Period?? So confused


I was on prostap for 6months, last jab was December so technically ran out at the end of February.

I was told that I'd be extremely fertile straight after so if I wanted to get pregnant, that would be the time to try.

I obviously haven't had a period since the jabs so I can't work out any dates.

For the past month I have been eating a lot more food and not feeling hungry afterwards, been feeling a bit more tired than usual and had quite a bit of stringy egg whiteness downstairs.

For the past week my nipples, not boobs, have been stupidly sensitive to the extent where they feel like they are being twisted.

When me and my partner have alone time he doesn't touch them so it can't be because of that reason.

Also I was watching cowboy builders yesterday and nearly started crying for no reason at all!!

So right now I'm not sure if it's a build up to my period (never had these symptoms before) or if it's a sigh of pregnancy. I don't want to test as I don't want to see a negative, but I also need to find out due to a past ectopic.

Help please xx

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Hi Helen

In theory, yes, you would be most fertile after the Prostap. However, everybody is different, everybody's bodies react differently, and it is quite possible that what you are experiencing now is your body finally coming out of its 'Prostap Slumber'.

That being said, as you've been pregnant before, you know how your body feels when you're pregnant - is this anything like it?

Also, I understand what you're saying about not wanting to see a negative pregnancy test....but given your history, you need to know. Heaven forbid that there would be any problems but if there are, you need to know sooner rather than later.

I think you know what you need to do. Go and get a test, and if it's negative, go to your GP and ask them how long you can expect to wait for your body to kick back in naturally. They can test your hormone levels to see where you are.

I hope this helps a bit

C xxx


Thank you.

Well when I fell pregnant last time, I didn't find out until I was 7 weeks and got rushed in when I was 10/12 weeks, so as far as big symptoms, I'm not too sure, just loads of little ones.

I have small boobs but I've noticed that they feel a bit more fuller, a bit like last time. I'm having mood swings, have clear skin for a change and seem to appreciate the outdoors a bit more, just like last time.

To be honest, there's quite a few symptoms that match.

I've heard that it can take a week to 3-6 months to have a period but most people I talk to who have been on the jab due to their endo, they have usually had a period within a few weeks.


In that case, go and get a test.

The last thing you want to risk is being rushed in again at 10/12 weeks because you were scared of a negative. If you are pregnant, you can avoid that scenario, and if you're not, buying and doing a test won't change that

I know it's scary, but better to be safe than sorry :)

C x


Hello Helen. Did you do a test? It's really spooky as my prostap injection ran out in feb too. I had my first period 4 weeks later at the exact time as when I would have before prostap. Weve been trying for a baby since beginning of march and I was due on a week ago fri. I've had really painful cramps for over a week now as if I am starting my period but haven't. I don't know if this is my endo or pregnancy or what??? Totally confused.com. I did a pregnancy test last sunday and it was negative. I'm going to do another tmrw xxx


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