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Pain pain pain


As well as being extremely boated for the last 2 weeks I am also in pain. I where Buphrenorphine patch, take tramadol, Diclophenac and paracetomol and also have Oramorph for breakthrough pain.

I have a cyst on my left ovary and a firbroid on my uterus. Could these be the source of my troubles other than the endo.

any advice would be apprecieated.

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Hi Chell

In a word, yes, although as you have probably realised it's difficult to know where exactly the pain is coming from when you have all of that going on inside you :(

The thing is though that the pain relief options are likely to be the same regardless of the source of the pain so looking for the exact course it a bit of a waste of energy in some respects

You poor thing :( Be nice to yourself, and I hope that it all eases up soon

C xxx


Thank you.

I'm trying to work at the same time but i's hard to concentrate.

If I could get rid of the bloating I would feel a bit better about myself and maybe cope with the pain a bit better.


I have IBS, plycystic ovaries and only superficial endo etc and yet I have had pain every day for over a year.. Who knows where it comes from. I have been on codine for over year and you are supposed to only take it for few days. I fine heat packs really really really helpful and ensure I take paracetamol regularly as it builds up in system and works much better.. Hope this helps. You are not alone. My tummy started bloating 10 years ago.. Peace and love.. You can do it! X


Oh.. Another thing.. I find not eating fruit as desert or with other food so helpful. Then it only takes few minutes instead of hours to digest. I also taken probiotics and treated myself for parasites at health shop and that really helped bloating too... X


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