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Hqve you heard this... 'Pregnancy can cure it we don't know why'

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I've been told from a scan it is expected I have adenomyosis.They've done a lap and it was negative to endo, and they're going to do an MRI.

Theyve said if the MRI is clear then I should maybe have a baby as it has been shown to help and potentially stop all symptoms of the condition.

Anyone else been given this 'advice' is there really any truth to this?

It seems like the most stupid idea of a 'cure' for a life debilitating illness.

I'm on zoladex and morphine and a cocktail of other pain killers. The zoladex has helped, not entirely, but I can move a lot more freely, still not up to exercising though which is frustrating. But theyve said I can't continue on that (I'm 27)

Just wanna hear your experiences!



26 Replies
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hi i was told that pregnancy doesnt cure endo it might lessen the pain but thats all i know ...

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I’m still waiting for a diagnosis. I didn’t have a baby to stop my pain but it did stop my pains for 9 months but then it came back 10x worse once I’d had baby. It took us over a year to get pregnant as well so it’s not so simple.

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Bluehusky96 in reply to Emmaja_ne

Hello,Thank you for your reply!

Completely thought this would be the case, in the fact its not that simple. And it's so frustrating that the suggestion of havinf a baby is being thrown about. Like "yeah just bring a little life into your life when you can't even keep yourself together". At least that's how it feels to me right now.

Can I ask, did the hosptial suggest you getting pregnant and how long you've been trying to get a diagnosis? If it's too personal then please don't worry 💞. Sending positive thoughts 💞

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Emmaja_ne in reply to Bluehusky96

my GP did suggest it when I went in with pains and he suspected I had endo. He said just get pregnant. I came out crying. This was years ago and it’s only 6 months ago after constant symptoms and going to the GP every week they’ve finally referred me to the hospital. Still waiting since august.

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Bluehusky96 in reply to Emmaja_ne

That's horrendous that it took that long to get a referral to the hosptial

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No pregnancy definitely doesn't cure adeno.

And some women with adeno struggle with fertility which is why IVF clinics often diagnose it.

The reason why they tell women to go and get pregnant is because they are telling you to shut up and go away.

Btw it was backwards of them to do surgery before all scanning options, as MRIs and ultrasounds aren't invasive.

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Bluehusky96 in reply to bluebug

Yeah I fully appreciate how backwards it is! They did an ultrasound but given family history they just went straight in for the procedure. Which again shouldn't have been done without an MRI really. But I wasn't very well informed and to be honest, just trusted their decisions. However, clearly starting to question them 😂.Yeah I've read about that too, the chances of conception being lower. But then I've been told the only cure for adeno is a hysterectomy.

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Well I only got diagnosed at 45. After having a child at 32 so definitely wouldn't agree. Think its an old wives tale.

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Bluehusky96 in reply to Starry1977

Yeah! I'm just wondering how many women are being told by medical professionals to do this?! Just seems like a very 'out there' suggesion. Especially reassuring when they say 'we don't know why'

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Nope not a cure but nice try 😂🙄

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Bluehusky96 in reply to BloomingMarvellous

Yeah! I'm just wondering how many women are being told by medical professionals to do this! Just seems so obscure

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I was told if I got pregnant then those 9 months would be better for me then afterwards who knows, pain would probably come back. I don’t think it’s right to tell women this as from personal experience I have adeno and endo and have been told I would probably struggle to conceive x

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Bluehusky96 in reply to AllthatGlitters

It's so difficult and just contradicts so much!

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AllthatGlitters in reply to Bluehusky96

it certainly does x

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Hiya, my Endo pain has actually been kept at bay since I had my daughter nearly 3 years ago. However, my Endo was “superficial” (not that it ever felt like it) 🙄. Also, I’m pregnant again now, so who knows what will happen next year 😬

I’ve come across friends of friends who experienced the same. Apparently it’s because the hormone balance is different during pregnancy, so Endo is less likely to grow x x

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Did they mean that pregnancy would 'cure' your symptoms of adeno while pregnant or permanently?

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Bluehusky96 in reply to Lindle


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EndoSuckss in reply to Bluehusky96

I can confirm that this certainly isnt the case! My symptoms were actually a lot worse after I had my son, to the point where I had a hysterectomy due to adeno about 14 months ago!

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Adenomyosis is basically endometriosis in the uterus and so being pregnant will mean that for 9 months you will have no periods and your body will be in great shape. Many of the drugs either mimic pregnancy or menopause to switch off periods and for some people they work. However, you are not some people, you are you and unique. Everyone’s endometriosis is different, so this is why protocols do not work for everyone. You need to try and fine the solution that works best for you. Many people get relief by nutrition, have you tried a gluten free diet? endometriosis.co.uk

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Bluehusky96 in reply to ccfd9

Yes I have thank you for suggesting. I've done Low FODMAP and unfortunately it did not improve my symptoms.Thank you for your response ❤️

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yes, was told this for 5 years! In fact was offered IVF! Then just said to my new tertiary hospital who at this point are refusing to take my ovaries, that they need to take the left one, because I only have half a tube! Surely I’m at a massive risk for ectopic pregnancy, for him to turn around and say “your disease is so advanced that you have no chance of pregnancy!” 🤣! There you go!

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Bluehusky96 in reply to Heloo85

Oh my goodness, wow I cannot believe they said that to you.

That is just shocking 😵

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I had adenomyosis. I have Endo too. I've completely cleared the adenomyosis by taking micronized progesterone. It's bio identical. It's massively improved my endometriosis too. Highly recommend it. A kid is a lifetime responsibility. You have to really want that, it should not be for helping a disease.

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Bluehusky96 in reply to elektra4

That sounds interesting! Going to look into it! Exactly my point, not a reason to bring a lil life into the world

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I was told by distant family who had endo young that having a baby helped theirs 🤷🏻‍♀️ However I've had 2 children (I'm 27) and breastfed both and still had bad periods. Since my youngest started weaning the pains etc just got worse and worse and had a lap 2 months ago. So no it still got worse.Cant believe actual medical professionals are suggesting a life changing thing as a 'cure' ... may as well just say shut up and go away for a year 😂

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I got told i was cured after having a baby but obviously not as I just been told I have endometriosis

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