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Question please?

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I am taking estrogen and it is helping me a great deal. I now realise I should have been taking it for the past twenty years or so, oh well. Better late than never. They gave me a total hysterectomy a while back so now have no ovaries at all. They said I had endeomestris. I know I have polyps/fibroids/cysts on my kidneys. Is it a problem to take estrogen when you have these cysts on kidneys? Is it safe? Or is it a good idea to have the other hormone too, despite having no womb?

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if you have endometriosis or have ever had endometriosis you are not allowed usually to take oestrogen only as the hrt oestrogen will feed the endo and make it grow. You can however take combined hrt oestrogen and progesterone this can be via a combined patch/ pill or use the gel/spray/patch for oestrogen and take a pill for the progesterone but you should definitely be taking progesterone as well xx if you are under an endo specialist they should of told you this……who prescribed you oestrogen only??

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Prescribed by a nurse at local normal practice. They only send you to hospital - 20 miles away which is hard for me with no transport etc - if you need a scan or x rays or whatever. I am speaking to her in a week or two to tell he how I am getting on and will say to her that I think I should take p............... too as possible endeometris. Obviously they are not going to spend a lot of time and money on checking IF there is endeometris in me and that would take too long anyway. Nowadays with many things doctors are quick to refer you to the hospital even when they could have done the simple thing themselves over the phone. Then I have to put my foot down and insist they deal with it this week on phone.

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