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Hair loss endometriosis

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Hello! I was wondering did anyone else suffer with hair thinning majorly while struggling with endometriosis! I cut my hair about 3 years ago and it’s never returned back to a length longer then my shoulder also thins out a lot ( I have tight/loose curls) so usually my hair is quite thick! When I shower or bath I just see so much hair at the bottom short ends of hair ….

Help!!! Anything to help?

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Are you on any medication at all? My hair is falling quite badly but still grows, but I’m 41 and in perimenopause xx

you should see a dermatologist to rule out a scalp problem, also thyroid function test including antibodies exclude iron deficiency. might use onion oil and take multivitamin supplements including oil of evening primrose

I’ve experienced the same problem. I’ve been using Redken hair repair & growth products and Watermans ‘Grow Me’ hair products.

I found out fairly recently that I have thyroid issues too (hyperthyroidism) so this is a major contributing factor. People with Endometriosis often have other autoimmune conditions, unfortunately. Speak to your consultant or GP. Wishing you all the best and PM me if you have any questions.

Hi. I had some major hair fall going on for a while, but eventually discovered I was really iron deficient, which I think is pretty common with endo. I still get some hair fall, but nowhere near as bad. I took Solgar iron capsules as I found what the doctor gave me messed my digestive system up within days. I also took quality vitamin c with them to increase absorption. (and take with or close to food so you don't mess your tummy up). It is definitely worth getting lots of blood tests done though, because if it's not iron deficiency, then taking iron supplements can cause toxic overload. It could be a vitamin b12 deficiency for instance. You will need to request your vitamin b12 blood test from your doctor as they don't usually add this without cause. I can only get mine checked every 2 years. I'm also looking into pernicious anaemia, but the NHS won't help me with this, so I will need to get tested privately. By the way, if, when you get some tests done, you find that it is an iron deficiency, it will take a few months to see any difference, but for me it really worked. X

I had two lots of bloods done in 6 months for iron deficiency but everything is normal even though I have symptoms of it because I have Menorrhagia but every test comes back normal which is very confusing! X

Did they tell you how much the count of iron was in your blood and also your ferritin levels? Just asking, because I was told that my bloods were fine, but then asked for a print out of my results. It was then that I discovered that my ferritin levels were really low (I think they must just sometimes skim through them without properly checking). The NHS also treats everyone the same in that as long as your ferritin levels are over 12 they think that's ok, when for you it might not be. You might need a bit more. On the other hand, if your ferritin levels are for example, 30 odd then it's unlikely that. Maybe worth asking for a vitamin b12 test then? I've also recently come across a Hair Tonic by Weleda that I've just bought for myself and someone else. I see that you've had some good advice from others here, but thought I'd mention that as something else to try if other things don't work. Hope you get some answers and that things improve soon xx

I have hair loss related to PCOS and PCOS and endo are often comorbid conditions. Might be worth looking into?

Yeah I’ll be having a laparoscopy on the 7th January for a diagnosis! X

The same as some replies above, I am still losing quite a lot of hair and it can be quite stressful (I know stress is the worst when it comes to hair loss) I’ve tried several hair products but nothing seems to work.

I have also been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and even though I’m taking my medication my hair is still falling … what I’m trying to do though is not to wash my hair as often as before.

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I have this trouble I’m using everything but nothing… my hair is curly so I need to brush my hair when it’s not being washed and my hair still falls out when I’m brushing it :( x

Ok Chloe you will look after you hair, as beautician I can advise you as I have also seen amazing results and do the treatments on myself and past years my hair stopped growing and was falling out a lot but now I have so many compliments and am asked if my hair is my own the length and style is like kim Kardashian and I am in my late 40s this is what you do, get pure almond oil, castor oil and Rosemary oil and and pour in a empty bottle just 1third of each of the oils till the bottle is filled up this bottle you will keep and use when you can , every 5 days use the oil you have mixed on your hair in the roots and towel it up for 3 hrs then wash out, do this every 5 days for for 6 weeks then do this once a week , also you need to wake up those hair follicles as you hair has gone in a sleeping mode so to do this you will need to do the high frequency treatment look up high frequency machine it has 4 attachments which one is a comb which gives out ozone gas you can purchase this but make sure the plug is uk plug and you will have to follow the instructions as you will need to have contact with the machine before and after placing on your scalp you can message me on zunnyzun258@gmail if you are not sure, the above information I have provided will definitely help and last of all start taking multivitamin which has iron and biotin. Take care x

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Thank you so much! That’s helped a lot! Does it help I’m using olaplex 4,5,6 and 7? X

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