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endometriosis and hair loss

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Hi everyone, hope you're all well.

I had excision surgery 3 months ago and since then I've noticed lots of hair loss. It's breaking out at the root very easily and also snapping off at the ends. I have very thick hair so it's not noticeable but i can feel it thinning out which scares me. it's also quite dry and brittle too.

i've changed to all natural products and do regular hair masks to try and keep it strong as possible but nothing seems to be working. I'm not on any medications and i have a relatively healthy diet, so i have no idea what could be causing it. I'm off to my GP this week to get some tests to see what is going on.

Has anyone else had the same issue?


Hannah xo

19 Replies
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I seem to lose a lot of hair, the shower and floor are always covered. The hairdresser said its usually stress or hormones so I've put it down to hormones but I guess like you should get it checked properly. ive been advised to use coconut oil to stop hair loss. x

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hannah11 in reply to JulesUK

Hi Jules thanks for replying.

I already use coconut oil regularly and it has made no difference. I have a friend who said she uses pomegranate oil and it made her hair stronger so i think i will try that.


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JulesUK in reply to hannah11

Hope it works for you x

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I have the same problem this year after having two lots of surgery. My hairdresser has told me that an anaesthetic can affect the condition of your hair in this way and make it brittle. It should improve after six months. Try not to worry or get stressed about it, it sounds like you are taking good care of your hair.

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hannah11 in reply to nicolab1967


Thank you that makes me feel a bit better. I just don't know what to do to support it to grow healthily. Have you found anything that helps? xx

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Hi Hannah, I also suffered with this but only when I started the prostap injections which give you a fake menopause so it could be related to low oestrogen levels maybe? Have you changed anything in your diet or routine?

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hannah11 in reply to Mewbookitty

no nothing! the only thing i can connect it to is the op :/ xx

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Cocoamande in reply to Mewbookitty

Hey I hope you don't mind me commenting but now I think about it my hair started to thin when I got the Prostap injections. I think it's because when women are in menopause their hair does generally get thinner as you get older.


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Hi there, I have hair loss and thinning. I have always had thick hair but I now have quite thin hair and have a few bald patches no bigger than a 5p. It's been happening for about 6 months, I've always abused my hair with crazy dyes etc so thought it was that. But had my lap 3.5 weeks ago and it's got worse since so now I think it's endo related. I do have low iron caused by my endo and docs have related it to that so might be worth also having that checked. Good luck x

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hannah11 in reply to Adele-84

oh goodness i am so sorry to hear that, how horrible for you! Have you spoken a doc about it? xx

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Hi, maybe you'd like to check out my previous post related to endometriosis and hair loss. It seems to be often caused by an imbalance of hormones- in this case often too much progesterone as opposed to too little estrogen. The only way to know for sure is to get your hormone levels tested, which most doctors are unwilling to do as hair loss is considered to be a "cosmetic" & not a medical health problem. Hopefully your hormone levels will right themselves within a few months and you'll notice your hair is back to normal. I agree with what the lady said with regard to anaesthetic etc messing up your system. Eating healthily and getting enough sleep etc will really help your your recovery. All the best

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hannah11 in reply to Smilie

Hey thanks so much, this really helped make me feel better.

I am going to request to get my hormones tested like you said. Hopefully i can get to the bottom of this! Thank you xx

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I do I've not been diagnosed yet and waiting on my refural to a new hospital with a specialist team as my local hospital aren't to clued up about endometriosis but me and my Dr are 99% sure I have it and in the last ye at where the pain has been getting worse I have been loosing my hair and like you I have/ had really really thick hair but now it feels so thin :( and every time I brush it I have loads come out even if I run my fingers through it it seems to have loads come out its worrying I've not asked my Dr about it tho to be honest

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hannah11 in reply to katrinab22

i saw my endo specialist yesterday and she said it's not normal to be loosing hair and referred me to immunology. Maybe that is something you could try too? xx

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I lost an awful amount of hair and the consultant said it was the mirena. Apparently castor oil and rosemary oil stimulate growth. Mine seems to have recovered now but I did take viviscal, very expensive but got it from QVC on easy pay and there was a 90 day guarantee so well worth a try. You can't really go wrong with the guarantee :)

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Endometriosis can cause hair loss due to hormone fluctuations. That being said it sounds to me (for what its worth - im no doctor) like you have a classic case of telogen effluvium - diffuse thinning usually noticed three months after an insult to the system like surgery. Good news is, if that is what it is, it's not permanent, although you can expect scary amounts of hair fall for a while. I've been there (still am, although that is a different problem :/) and it's not pleasant. Get the tests and make sure there are no other factors at work - pay particular attention to ferritin (iron) and B12 - both levels can be obliterated by surgery and can prolong hair loss. Some people find biotin supplements helpful for good regrowth, and B12 and ferritin supplements if your levels are less than halfway in the ranges (ask for the numbers and do not accept "normal"). Good luck with the docs, I hope they are helpful for you as they can be notoriously dismissive of hair loss, but keep at them!

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hannah11 in reply to phoenixoncemore

thank you so much for this!! I am going to look int oall the stuff you mentioned. you're an angel! xx

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phoenixoncemore in reply to hannah11

No problem :) Hope everything works out for you.

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Hi Hannah,

Over the last 18 months all behind my ears have become very thin and when brushing my hair a lot comes out too...

I have thick hair and I spoke to my gp he said there could be many reasons why as I have other medical problems. He told me if it got worse to go back and see him. As yet it seems to have stopped but I'm still very thin around my ears.


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