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Endo surgery

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Hey everyone!

I have had my laproscoptomy yesterday and they cut a small bit of endometrial tissue away. They say it shouldn't come back now.

No one has explained stages of endometriosis to me and thought the lining does grow back so why would cutting one bit off stop it?

I have a further phone consultation in November just looking to understand it a bit more.

Any help would be much appreciated x

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Hi , i hope you are feeling much better now. Likely it didn’t come back

But some people complain it has come back but after a year or two

All depends on luck

Hope you have speedy recovery

How much rest doc suggested you after surgery?

Mine is expected in November I didn’t get thte date. But expected a phone call in oct 6

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Daisyjuke in reply to Sara110

Thank you for your help!

Tbh they didn't really say, my sister had a similar op and she took 2 weeks off just in case they ended up cutting away. I took 2 weeks but part of that was the current 3 day isolation.

This is my first full day recovery and struggling to move but I think by Wed Thurs next week I'll be alright fingers crossed. Its so hard to say tho bevause I think it all depends on your body. I didn't feel groggy at all when I woke up wellbeing wise I feel better then I did before already (by the surgery pain).

Have you had the surgery done before or will it be your first time?

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Sara110 in reply to Daisyjuke

Thank you for your reply, it would be my first ever surgery. I got stage 4 endometriosis

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Daisyjuke in reply to Sara110

Oh wow! Yes yesterday was my first every surgery, but the nurses were so nice, few things they forgot, or didn't change my dressings eg, so just make sure you have a list on your phone of aftercare to ask, eg they didn't tell me about stitches didn't change the dressings and didn't know how long to keep dry eg, hard to think of when you first wake up ahaha

Hi I had my first endo surgery aswel on Friday still in hospital had six cuts aswel wasn't told much but said we cleared much out as we could feeling drowsy since then

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Daisyjuke in reply to Meworange

Ah that's great news, lots of moisturiser. Decleor prolagene gel around the wound but not in should help heal the skin. It's amazing stuff, or their Cica balm. I hope you're feeling better soon.

Hopefully you hear more when they check up on you in a month or 2

I’ve got my first surgery coming up in a couple weeks - stage 4 endo. I’ve taken the full 6-8 weeks off work to recover initially. I guess I’ll return once I feel able. Thanks for the after care tip. Nurses at my hospital are usually on it but I’ll keep a note of what should be happening too.

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Daisyjuke in reply to Blueriv

Best of luck. Yeah I don't understand the stages of endo this has never been mentioned to me. But I can't believe the pain I was in due to such a small amount of it. And now it's gone does this mean I still have endometriosis, just don't get it 😂

Yes if there's a lot to be taken away I think you're best off taking more time otherwise will make yourself worst not given the right recovery!

I took 2 weeks including 3 days isolation and starting to think I should have taken more due to bending not being so easy I own a salon and didn't want to take too much time away, but hopefully if I don't feel well I can bring nails appointments forward and sit down and hopefully not drop anything I need to pick up again😂

Afternoon, hope you are feeling brighter soon

I had my first surgery 2 years ago at the time my consultant was 99% I didn’t have endo but because I kept on at her said she would take me down have a look and fit a coil 40 mins op she said, after 3 hours in surgery I came round to horrific pain and found out she has burnt away 7 pieces but had to leave one as it was on a major blood vessel attached to the kidneys and to risking to remove, a cyst also exploding at she tried to remove it hence the pain!

I was up and about the same day although terrible pain and had to keep stitches clean and dry for 10 days, I had dissolvable ones and after 13 days most were gone, had the pleasure of the stockings and tummy injections because of how long I was down for.

I’m not one to sit and relax so pushed myself to heal, I slept for 3 days but still walked around for short periods, short walks for a couple of days and then went shopping on day 9 with my daughter not carrying anything just grabbed a coffee change of seeing the house everyday lifted my spirits

It does depend on the body as everyone heals different ofc ☺️ If or when I go back down I’ll be looking at 3 weeks off just so everything heals to the point I can’t do any damage bending etc

I was on induced menopause and coil after the op the injections for menopause lasted 6 months but soon after the pain and symptoms returned, after trying many different medications I will be looking at going back down to see what’s happening but I’ve made changes to diet, exercises and sleep all of which pay a major role in hormones.

Keep safe and well xx

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