Hi all first time but here goes, I have endo, had surgery 3 mths ago, removal of right F tube full of endo,I had to grandmothers with endo resulting in emergency hysterectomies,I have endo in the uterus muscle and recently went to have the coil fit to help endo, it couldn't be fitted as endo has sealed my cervix up, doctor said refer back to gny for hystorectomy, I'm relieved in away but don't understand why they didn't do that 3 mths ago, I'm lucky enough to have two children and I'm 39..has anyone got any experience of this..id never heard of endo before, it's been a long process and I'm sure it has been for many of you, 💙My doctor has said I may be seen as a post op customer but not holding my breath 😞

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  • I had very bad endometriosis like you. I had a laparoscopy first time to see how much there was. I was told after the op most of it had died!

    3 months later I had a full hysterectomy the endo was still there wrapped round my ovaries like spiders webs - my womb was very bulky.

    It certainly was a relief for me no more of that bloating awful pain. The surgeon implanted an oestrogen disposable capsule so that I wouldn't go straight into menopause. That lasted 3 months then I went onto the the lowest dose oestrogen for 8 years all plain sailing.

    Best of luck for Fourth coming op

    Take care

    Jen xx

  • Thanks Jen I hoping the op is sooner rather than later, the pain I can deal with but flooding every two hours is a pain,just the same as before my op,,fun and games being a women xx

  • Indeed 😩 I was glad to be shot of it . It had travelled to my bowel.

    Never looked back

    Jen xx

  • @Rayanamber. I have umbilical endometriosis which used to bleed when am menstruating but has stopped now for the past three years. I have had three shots of Zoladex injection and subsequent IVF but it failed. I have resigned to fate. I take Mefenamic acid and pray during my cyclical pains.

  • Bless you I hope that you get break and things work out for you,no matter what the give me I flood every 2 hours(fully armed up,if you know what I mean) I'm hoping the gny sees me as a post op patient but not holding my breathe..endo sucks, best wishes to you and all women with endo x

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