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Decapeptyl Injection When to take?

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Hi all,

I'm completely new to this forum. I'll get to the short of it I suppose.

My partner was diagnosed with stage 1 endometriosis back in March. She had her laraoscopy and has been on the contraceptive pill since.

The doctor advised she take Decapeptyl. Basically she was advised to take the injection on the first day of her period.

She has not gotten her period but will do in the next day or so, effectively taking the medication a day or 2 too early.

Could anyone please advise if this would affect her and do we need to seek further medical advise immediately? I'm just a little worried, the doctor she has been to is off until next week.

I would really appreciate any swift replies and many thanks in advance to anyone whom takes their time to reply. I want to reassure her that everything will be okay.

Thanks very much to all.

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Hi Lee I take the decepeptyl injection which is administered by the nurse every month, I got mine on my period. They never asked me if I was bleeding or not, it didn’t seem to concern them. The first injection, made me have a very bad period with heavy bleeding for a week. Just to let you know that this is normal x

Hi AllthatGlitters, thanks for the really quick response I really appreciate it!. The nurse that administered the injection also didn't ask.

I couldn't imagine taking the injection a day or so before the bleeding starts would cause too much affect.

Thanks for the advise I will let her know, my partner worries a lot as is so I just wanted to follow up.

Thanks again!

You are welcome. This is a great forum for women who have gynaecology problems so maybe let her see this site 🥰allows us to chat to others who totally understand what we are going through 😀

I will definitely pass it on to her. Its always great to hear other stories and people's experiences

Hi Lee. I was put on the decapeptyl earlier this year for suspected endometriosis. I didn’t get my injection on day of period and wasn’t advised anything about this so I think she should be fine. ☺️

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Lee1290 in reply to Libbyrat

Hi Libbyrat, thanks so much for the reply I was looking for reassurance to ease the worrying since the other day this forum has been so helpful I cant believe the responses and thank everyone so much!!

Hi Lee,

I am also having these injections once a month for 3 months, had my first without being on my period and was never asked or told about that either. I think realistically it wouldn't matter as its going to stop everything after the first couple of weeks after having it anyway. Good Luck to your partner, hope you get the answers your looking for too!


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Lee1290 in reply to Eveq

Hi Eveq,

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply on this thread its a real reassurance for both of us, I have just mentioned it to my girlfriend and she is relieved as much as me!

Thanks so much and once again to everyone else on this forum its great so see such a positivity.

Hi Lee1290,This maybe a bit late but I've been on it for over a year now, I also didnt have it at the start of my period, but what I would say is it's a good idea to take some vitamins like calcium, omega 3 and vitamin D as the injection has a affect on ur body, also if ur partner is on it longer then 6 months she should take HRT too, good luck and I hope all goes well x

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Hi Pureunicorn, no you are not late at all its a great relief that a few people on here have been in the exact same scenario its really put me and my girlfriend at ease!😊 . I must mention this to her, I know she has taken vitamins etc. even before the injection but knowing which are best to pick over the next few months is a great help! It's a 6 month course of the injection I believe. Thanks so much.

👍 tell her to watch out for the hot flushes 🥵 they will be a killer in this heat! X

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Lee1290 in reply to Pureunicorn

I definitely will do, especially since we are actually getting some nice weather for a change! Thanks so much again Pureunicorn!

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