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Rough wait time for laparoscopy on the NHS

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Hi all, I’m new here so going to have a look around the forum.

I’ve recently had a scan and an endometrioma cyst was discovered. I have a call with the gyno in a few weeks to find out more and next steps etc but wondered what the wait time was for you for a laparoscopy? Is it a longer wait time since covid?

I’m nearly 35 and desperate for a child, been trying to conceive for 2 years and this may be the cause, I haven’t got much time to wait as time is not on my side age wise 🥺

I Don’t think I’d be able to afford to go private, anyone know a rough cost of this?

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Hello. I was added to the waiting list at the end of August and have my lap on Thursday coming - it’s a cancellation slot though and is with a different consultant 😂 x

Oh wow that’s quite quick! Hope everything goes ok with yours 🤞🏻

Hi I was told in 2018 I would wait 12 months for a laparoscopy and it went over that time. Even after chasing them up via GP and myself with the medical secretary my appointment was never coming through. I decided to go private as absolutely desperate and it cost £5,500 which was for a consultation, operation with a nights stay and a follow up appointment. It’s very expensive, you get the best care and my operation was carried out by an NHS consultant who is a BSGE surgeon and it really annoyed me that paying for it you get seen sooner. Btw you can pay for a consultation mine cost £200 and then go back onto NHS waiting list for surgery. I have done this for my ablations and it’s quicker xx

Oh wow! That’s ridiculous waiting times and that you had to pay for it in the end! What consultant did you have? I have heard it’s hard to find a good one especially if you want to get preg in future as it can mess with fertility further 😱

I went with BMI healthcare, I don’t think we are allowed to mention doctors names on here 🤷‍♀️X

I used BMI Healthcare for my private lap as well - probably different hospital that Glitters though! I'd highly recommend as a Healthcare group x

Hi, I had mine in April 2021 was first diagnosed in October 2020. I think it can depend on how severe etc. I had a 13cm cyst they were worried would move and cause complications. I’ve been fine up until two weeks ago with intense pain and they fear it may have come back so i’ve been referred back to my gynaecologist. If the wait is too long you can go through PALS which has helped lots of people I know be seen quicker as a lot of people are offered private appointments sooner by the same surgeon who would do it on the NHS yet you are expected to wait for months in pain! Good Luck! Its an awful condition x

Hey, I'm in Northern Ireland so times may be different. I was told 110weeks for my second lap which was before the pandemic. I ended up paying for 2 private surgeries. One here in 2019 cost me 5000 and then in march this year I had to pay almost 10000 for a gynae surgeon and bowel surgeon because I had extensive endo on my bowel. I didnt have this money, i had to use credit cards. It is so stressful on top of everything having to pay for surgery and being ill. I have been awaiting fertility treatment for some time now too. I hope you get sorted alot quicker than I did and without having to pay. Although, I highly recommend you have surgery with an endo specialist. X

😱😱😱 that’s ridiculous!!!

It's very saddening. I'm so annoyed by the whole thing because I'm still unwell. I have also been diagnosed with adenomyosis and the only recommendation to stop the adeno pain completely is hysterectomy. My fertility treatment has been postponed now from the beginning of the pandemic. I also had stage 4 endo. It's all very overwhelming. Everyone is completely different and every consultant will say the same, it's so hard to predict how it will be, even with having the scans. I needed up travelling to England for my surgery because there are no endo specialists here in N. I. I hope you find a good one! Xx

Hi love. You’re not alone in this. It can be really hard to process the wait whilst feeling the significance of passing time with fertility.

Really glad you’ve already had your scan (indicating stage of endo) & you’re having a follow up with gynea shortly. I got totally lost amidst the height of the pandemic & had telephone consultations cancelled & pushed back months on end, multiple times.

In that time I did manage to get various fertility tests done which helped with the overall picture - and helped me feel there was some progress - this was a separate referral process for me but did help me build up a clearer picture of my options pre/post surgery.

I was in London and wasn’t given a timeframe for a lap - many hospitals still aren’t performing non- benign gynea Operations. This may not be the case with where you’re based though but worth finding out from Gynea team.

I’ve since moved & being handled by a different endo team/ Hospital who put me straight on their waiting list 6 months ago - I’m now having surgery in a few weeks for stage 4 w/bowel involvement & endometioma.

I have to say, I did look into private costs last year but was told it could be upwards of 20k - but that’s just an indication of the severity of things my end. NHS was the only option for me! This may not be the case with you.

Sending strength. You will get there. Keep going! X

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Good luck with your surgery 🤞🏻 How does that leave you with stage 4 and chances of conceiving naturally?

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I’m so ready for it - it’s been such a journey of self advocacy.

In my case - Fertility team (Kings college Hosp) seem optimistic that there may be a “window” after surgery to conceive naturally. They ran various hormone tests, AMH/ egg reserve to assess fertility. They even discussed egg retrieval/ frozen prior to surgery - but this wasn’t possible due to the associated endo risks/ positioning of my ovaries in my case.

With natural conception the real deal breaker is whether the endo has blocked/ damaged Fallopian tubes - they will normally check during a lap if fertility is a priority. In my case - if my tubes are blocked or need to be removed it’ll be IVF.

Fertility team did say it’s helped to have involvement prior to surgery as they will be able to pick up on case post surgery more quickly/ put me forward for IVF if needed/ we want to pursue this.

Also very aware that fertility teams can recommend women undergo IVF prior to surgery - due to associated risks with damaging ovarian reserve - so it really is case by case. I’d definitely recommend asking your GP for referral to local fertility team as they will be able to discuss this with you.

It’s such tough navigating a conditions that threatens infertility & I hear you on this. My inbox is open anytime. X

I was added onto the list in June and I had my laparoscopy done on Thursday I was called the week before so it all happened very quickly.

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Berry_blue in reply to Justine89

That’s good! How were your results, did they say what stage you have?

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Justine89 in reply to Berry_blue

They didn’t tell me stage they only said I have sever endometriosis which is including my bowels so I have been referred to specialist. I really wasn’t with it when they came around so I didn’t ask much so I’m going to contact my GP to try and get some more info.

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