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Alternatives to Naproxen/ do steroids work?

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My Gp thinks I have neurological problems due to endometriosis as I have terrible pain in my right leg and hip which prevents me from walking. So she has put me on naproxen but it’s giving me terrible heartburn at night. Are there any alternatives that don’t cause stomach pain? Has anyone been put on steroids and do they work?

Thank you for any help x

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Naproxen does this for me too and codeine based ones just block me up which is worse, both flare IBS for different reasons. I have t found a painkiller combo that works yet but I hope you do soon x

Hey hun has your GP prescribed you lansoprazole? When I first took naproxen I was the same, terrible heartburn and also some pain under my rib, they've now prescribed lansoprazole to lower my stomach acid and so far so good on it. :-) I do also take dehydracodeine as and when needed when the pain is bad.

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