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Alternatives to HRT

Hi I'm 6 months post from having my last ovary removed. I was put on HRT immediately by my consultant. Whilst I felt some initial benefits from surgery immediately it hasn't improved anymore and if anything the pain is worse again. Was wondering that if any endo was left behind the hrt could be reactivating it. I was therefore thinking of coming off hrt to see if there is any change in my symptoms but just wondered what other ladies who either can't have hrt or opt not to have it do to cope with the menopausal symptoms and the risks of osteoporosis?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi - i've just been told that i will need a full hysterectomy including ovaries, which i'm ok with but i want to be sure they are going to remove the endo that is in me at the same time or else it is surely pointless, unless they think that the endo wont hurt if the ovaries aren't there to control it :/

my worry is the same as yours, will hrt cause the endo to grow again or aggravate any endo left, and what if i have no hrt at all, i am too worried about the risks of osteoporosis.

i'm so confused - sorry i haven't been any help to you but i just wanted to share my same concerns as you xxx

(i'm 41 by the way)


Hi glad I'm not alone in my concerns. I'm 43 and had my hyst and one ovary removed in 2006 but they wouldn't remove my other one as they said I was too young at 36. I wished they had though as have had further surgery twice to remove endo again!!

I was told by my consultant that the risks were minimal.

((hugs)) to you xx


yes the HRT can be supplying hormones to feed the remaining endo.

It's your choice to stop the HRT. Doesn't suit everyone.

Many women who menopause naturally don't bother with HRT, and once the symptoms (flashes etc) wear off they just get on with their lives, eating a balanced diet and getting regular exercise and hoping their bones are going to be strong enough to stave of osteo.

You could look in to foods that would help bolster your bones rather than relying on the HRT.

the hystersisters website has lots and lots of advice for women who have menopaused early, whether through surgery or drugs or naturally. Everyone of us will menopause at least once in our lives and eventually for good. And everyone of us will be facing the same dilema about how to stave off osteo.

My aunt is still on HRT, she had a hysterectomy in her 30s she's now well in her 70s.

my mum never took HRT and she also in her 70s.

It's something you can go back on, so might be worth coming off it, see how you get on for 6 months and if the symptoms are still there or whether they have eased off and then make a decision about whether to go back on HRT or not.

It might help a lot, or it may be that regardless of the HRT you are still in pain in which case consider going back on the HRT as it does have other benefits, and look in to what is actually kicking off your pains now that your ovaries have gone to their retirement home.

This dailymail article is worth reading, so too are the comments below br Mr Trehan the gynaecologist.



I got my 3mths injection yesterday. I have already tried injections 5yrs ago at 1st without HRT but then decided to give it a go but only lasted 6 weeks. Last year i was back on a 3mth injection without HRT. Unfortunately my gyno said that if I dont back it up with HRT he will not give me longer than 6mths of the injection. If I back it up with HRT I could be on it for yrs which sound great. I am 42yrs old. I would rather not take HRT because I can deal with the side effects of the menopause better than the side effects of the HRT. I also worry about osteo. I could just pretend to the doc that I am taking the HRT! cheeky eh.



it's your call aabb, but so long as you know the significant harm that too much GnRH drugs do to your spine, and than anything over 6months of them in life time is against the manufacturers guidelines then it's up to you whether you pretend to keep on taking HRT or not.

Read up on osteo and make sure you understand what you are risking before deciding to come off them, just because you feel better now. you could be paying a very high price for feeling better now, when the time comes and your bones can't cope anymore.


Hi, I have been on and off HRT, all types, and have had to cope now with taking Vit D tabs, Pro D, and extra Calcium in the diet plus a herbal HRT supplement as I have had Endo but not sure how much is there now as it hasnt been investigated after a total hysterectomy. Pro D and calcium is essential as a preventative measure but I am not sure of the long term consequences having lost my ovaries at 41.


By the way, I have heard some people have been offered HRT called Livial, and I was wondering whether this was the most suitable one after an Endo diagnosis,


Hi i am 37 and looking at hysterectomy and both ovary removal. My gynae did mention a hrt beginning with L, it could have been Livial. My gynae wants me to wait before surgery due to my age. I am keen to have the surgery before other organs are affected and would sooner just have the one surgery than having to keep going back. HRT and osteoporosis are concerns for me too, i am already looking at increasing my exercise and losing some weight as oestrogen is stored in fat, so can't do any harm having less fat eh?! ha ha.


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