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Can anyone give me some advice on the app they have used to track periods and trying to conceive? Thanks

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I’m currently using ‘clue’ as it’s free and seems the most simple for me 😂 you can look back at trends etc x

Thank you. R you currently TTC? Xx

Yeah been trying for 5 months and just got another negative 😞 after the first negative I bought the clear blue ovulation tests and have been using them for the past 4 months. Good luck xx

I used one called Glow and it was good for tracking periods but it also made me really stressed etc so we were advised to have sex 3 ish times a week and relax, notice signs of ovulation like discharge etc and I got pregnant the first month :)

I found conceive plus helped and folic acid while trying too!

Fertility friend is really good- I’ve used it before and I would also get ovulation sticks if ure trying just as it makes it slightly easier.

Flo is really good for tracking periods and seeing fertile window 🙂

I’ve used a few: Clue, Ovia, Fertility Friend. They’re useful tools but I wouldn’t trust the predictions if you’re only tracking your period. If you track cervical mucus as well it’s a better indicator. But, I spent years taking my basal body temperature and that’s not worth the effort, so definitely start with the easiest methods and try to have fun. Best wishes! x

I used Ovia and was pregnant with my first son in 3 months recommend as was told it would be really hard to get pregnant hope it helpsx

I use Ovia app to track my fertile window and also use Boots ovulation strips and monitor my cervical fluids on those days. My GP told me to stop using both and have sex once every 3 days but I like to track as it helps to look back at previous months on the app to notice a pattern on when my bad endo / hip pain days are too.

I've been using Femometer! You can buy their ovulation, preg tests and thermometer really cheap and the app itself is really informative. You can photograph the ovulation sticks and there is an automated recognition thingy that helps assess the reading as well as graphs to help with your BBT and daily guidance. You don't have to pay for that but there is a subscription they don't force down your throat which unlocks more insights. I've found it really useful while TTC.

Good luck x

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