TTC with Endo

Hi! When I was 26 years old, I was diagnosed with a large cyst on my left ovary. I had a surgery and it was removed together with the ovary. I still have the right one, so it’s quite possible for me to get pregnant. My DH and I have been TTC for 2 years, but we’re still childless. My doctor says that I might have a low ovarian reserve. My AMH test has shown a low oocytes level. He suggests DE IVF. I still hesitate whether to do it or continue TTC naturally… What do you think about my situation?

P.S. I know that DE IVF may be the right solution, but it’s really hard for me to agree to do it. I really want to conceive naturally. I started to take some vitamins and work out regularly to enhance my health condition. As far as I know, herbal medicines may also help. (I haven’t tried anything yet). Is there anybody here who has problems with fertility? How did you manage to conceive?

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  • Hello. My AMH was only 4 and I only have 1 ovary too (left removed due to endo). I had my first cycle of ivf in January and I got 7 eggs all mature and 6 fertilised.

    Even if you do need ivf you can try first with your own eggs before moving on to a donor.

    Good luck x

  • If I were in your shoes, I would combine both things. You may spend some time on ttc naturally. It’s great that you started to keep to a healthy diet and work out regularly. In such way, you may enhance your health condition and boost up your fertility. Sometimes, miracles do happen. You may also consult several more REs and ask them test you’re your eggs. Did you do any hormone tests?

  • I think you should follow the advice hellsbells36 has given you. As far as I know, a surgery can cause some harm to the ovarian reserve. However, you may try with your own eggs. My sister used to have DE IVF several years ago. She had a poor ovarian reserve. Firstly, they tried an IVF with her own eggs. However, her body didn’t give any good respond, so she decided to do a DE IVF. Now she’s a mum of a little baby angel.

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