TTC with Endo

Hi! When I was 26 years old, I was diagnosed with a large cyst on my left ovary. I had a surgery and it was removed together with the ovary. I still have the right one, so it’s quite possible for me to get pregnant. My DH and I have been TTC for 2 years, but we’re still childless. My doctor says that I might have a low ovarian reserve. My AMH test has shown a low oocytes level. He suggests DE IVF. I still hesitate whether to do it or continue TTC naturally… What do you think about my situation?

P.S. I know that DE IVF may be the right solution, but it’s really hard for me to agree to do it. I really want to conceive naturally. I started to take some vitamins and work out regularly to enhance my health condition. As far as I know, herbal medicines may also help. (I haven’t tried anything yet). Is there anybody here who has problems with fertility? How did you manage to conceive?

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  • Hello. My AMH was only 4 and I only have 1 ovary too (left removed due to endo). I had my first cycle of ivf in January and I got 7 eggs all mature and 6 fertilised.

    Even if you do need ivf you can try first with your own eggs before moving on to a donor.

    Good luck x

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