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Just spoken to gynaecologist secretary and op is 24 November 🥳

At what point does it sink in and the doubts creep in 😂, as well as relief

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Yay I’m so happy for u.

Hopefully no doubts creep in and all runs smoothly 😃 xx

Thank you. I still think it’s all surreal and a dream 😂

How are you?

Yes I can imagine. I’m on the waiting list and I’m so anxious it’s going to be a very long wait. They told me cos of covid could be upto a Yr which is disheartening. So I’m ever so pleased for u. I hope it helps u and relieves all symptoms. Xx

If you can go at relatively short notice, keep in contact with the hospital appointments and let them know. People will be cancelling because of covid as well. I hope you don’t have to wait too long. With luck services will stay running this time.

Hey - Congratulations on your date! Wishing you the best of luck with everything, I'm sure you'll be fine and hopefully it will help to relieve your symptoms.

If you don't mind me asking how long have you had to wait for your date please? (from the date of your referral). I'm 'urgent' and was referred for surgery on 17th September and still waiting...

Moon_maiden in reply to LEH199

Many thanks, I hope so.

The consultant who did lap passed to his colleague back in March, but they weren’t doing MDT meetings until August/September (lost track), so it depends on when they take it from. But I have been persistent in trying to find out when, so it’s probably to shut me up 🙄🤣

How are you? Have you got GP support with pain meds?

LEH199 in reply to Moon_maiden

Understood thank you! I'm taking your approach too I keep calling and emailing haha - In all fairness they have to take us seriously though we shouldn't have to deal with this especially for so long.

And I'm OK thank you, currently taking mefenamic acid and tranexamic acid (plus codeine / paracetamol when required) which is 'OK' it's the rest of the symptoms that come with it too though. :-( how've you been doing?



Moon_maiden in reply to LEH199

That’s good it’s under control 😀, not easy though.

As long as I don’t move much I’m fine 🙄😆, I’ll have to try and keep the weight off once op is over, probably fail.

LEH199 in reply to Moon_maiden

Awww bless you I'm sure it'll all ease up for you soon, it'll all be well worth it! And you can do it xx

Yay finally 🥳 how are you feeling? Bet your glad you have a date though. I’m sure you will be fine it’s normal to have thoughts about the surgery x

Moon_maiden in reply to Lou93

I know, at last 😀

How are you feeling

Lou93 in reply to Moon_maiden

Not too bad thanks, had another injection so hoping it calms things down, how are you?

Moon_maiden in reply to Lou93

🤞it helps, crazy the things we’ll go to. I hate injections, never thought I’d be willing.

Going along, doing bits here and there, took neighbour for an X-ray today.

Lou93 in reply to Moon_maiden

I know right I’m not too fussed by them now had that many 🤣

Good to hear your keeping busy ah hope your neighbour is alright.

That’s brill, finally be pain free. You will naturally have moments of panic that’s normal. Wish you well x

Moon_maiden in reply to EndoJaz

Thank you, hope so. Probably have loads of panic moments. 😂 the mind can be evil at times!

Had to help neighbour this morning, it’s just starting to retaliate.

That’s amazing!! Hope everything goes well x

Thank you 🙂 hoping so, it’s a hospital further away but one they are keeping covid free, so shouldn’t be cancelled.

So happy for you! Wishing you the best of luck. Getting my date did not sink in till I was actually at the hospital 😂 xx

Thank you, I know what you mean 😀

How are you feeling?

That's fantastic news at last hey!!! I hope everything goes well for you.

Its horrible what we have to go through to try and get some kind of normal function back in our lives.

I've got my first prostap injection on Monday in prep for hysterectomy didn't expect that appointment to come through as quick as it did as only spoke to consultant last wk. I know the op and recovery isn't going to be easy but it will all be worth it in the end if we get our lives back.

Sending you lots of positive thoughts

take care

Thank you.

Hopefully this means you won’t have to wait long, did he saying how many injections before op? Do you mind injections? I hate them and use Emla cream to numb the area. Will the op be open or laparoscopy?

Got to have at least 3 but might be more depending on how long wait for op will be. I've had them before and had an awful time but getting hrt gel to help side effects this time.......Consultant couldn't believe I'd been given prostap before without hrt and said no wonder I was bad!!

Will discuss op with consultant after the 3rd injection so will find out then which way its being done but got endo on bowel that needs doing at same time and possibly on my diaphragm now as well. He said there was a lot that needed to be done!!

Needles don't bother me but I flip when I my get blood pressure taken!!!....silly

It's all very scary but trying to keep focussed

How are you feeling about your op?

Scared as well, but hoping it will help. Trouble is there is no warranty with it 🤣 I’m sure it will do some good though.

If the consultant was surprised there is a good chance he’ll do it sooner rather than later. I hope it hasn’t spread too far.

Not silly re blood pressure 🙂, I had it done before endoscopy, I told her it would likely be high, strangely it was normal.

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