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Best medical insurance for Endo?

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Hi all!

I was wandering if anyone uses health insurance and if they could let me know which one they use/how effective it is?

As COVID has pushed back nhs appointments etc I’ve been going through spire but I think I’m probably going to end up having an op so have been considering private health insurance to help with the costs.

I’ve briefly looked into different options but have found that a lot of the companies won’t treat chronic/pre-diagnoses conditions so thought I would check on here re people’s experiences? I’m really not sure even where to start!


6 Replies
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Have you looked online?

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I had bupa with work. But they didn't cover preexisting. This question had been asked lots of times. So might be a good idea to use the search function to see if anyone has gotten lucky and found one that will cover it.

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Unfortunately if you are having investigations or have had treatments that point toward endo then it would be classed as a pre existing condition and every insurance company will exempt it meaning you won’t be able to make a claim. Private insurance will only cover conditions that arise after you have taken out the policy and if there is even a hint in your medical records of a condition, that condition will then be exempt. They may lift exemptions after a certain time has elapsed, but you usually have to have had no investigations, or been on any sort of treatment for said condition. The time limit is more often than not around 3-5 years. Sorry that it’s not the answer you were hoping for x

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Sadly you'll only be able to get cover if you work for an organisation that provides private medical insurance that covers all pre existing conditions. Otherwise it will be excluded. I was told by axa pop you can start cover for all new issues, then take no medication or recieve no treatment for endometriosis for 2 years from that date (on a moratorium basis). If this is possible you will then be covered after 2 years. Sadly for me I'd be in huge trouble with no medication for two years. I think most would be too.

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Hey, I have stage 4 endometriosis and used AXA through work who were great.

Sadly I’m unable to work anymore but think if I had a choice of insurers I’d choose BMI simply because there website is so informative regarding endometriosis.

AXA were fine with investigations and surgery but didn’t cover any hormonal treatment.

As the other ladies have mentioned if you have an open referral they won’t cover that sadly.

Therefore what I’d recommend is paying the initial consultation fee privately (£150-£200) and the consultant can then do all recommended treatments and investigations fast tracked on the nhs.

This is what I’ve done since symptoms reoccurred and was best thing I ever did.

Although saying that I believe there is still a bit of a wait privately at the moment due to covid but obviously won’t be anywhere near as bad as the nhs wait.

Best wishes xxx

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My friend had her surgery through Beneden Health - it's an alternative to health insurance and acts as a top-up for the NHS. It's £11.50 per month. There are no exclusions to existing health conditions but I think you'd need to be a member for a certain period of time (possibly six months, but not sure) before you can claim. It's worth bearing in mind that any provider must follow the NICE guidelines for the treatment of endometriosis even if they are a private provider. This means if they suspect bowel endo for example you should be operated on by a gynaecologist with a specialism in endo & a bowel surgeon.

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