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Best private endo surgeons?

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Hi everyone. Can anyone suggest a fantastic endo surgeon/surgeons who operate privately in the UK? I have a very large endometrioma ("up to 19cm") and another cyst/cysts which are smaller (maybe less than 4cm in total). I'm aware the massive cyst may write off that ovary but I'd like to do my best to save what can be saved.

My focus is on preserving fertility as much as possible with surgery so I can immediately proceed to IVF or egg freezing once recovered.

I know there are resources out there like <redacted due to Code of conduct>but I'm really looking for first hand positive experiences.


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I don’t think names can be mentioned. Best thing is research, whether it’s BSGE or someone experienced. Look at the hospital sites and then search the consultant over google. Also YouTube, some have videos talking about endo.

I wasn’t expecting the diagnosis, but chose someone very experienced.

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I think people can get in touch with names in a DM? In the four months since this whirlwind began I've done a lot of researching but I find it is particularly useful to hear first hand accounts from people who are particularly fantastic.

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Which area are you in?

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I'm happy to travel. Its really the expertise I'm after, as I figure being diagnosed after what I suspect is about 15 years of non diagnosis, the fewer and more effective surgeries I can have the better - and the more opinions I can get on the best course of action, the better.

Yes, I could but the code of conduct says I should not, do understand this now as one person's experiences can be great and other not so good. Perhaps you could look on line?

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Hiya. It is of course totally fine if you don't want to share any recommends, but I don't believe that applies to DM conversations. Online of course you largely get the public profile rather than individual experiences of people in a similar situation. Thanks x

[This post has been edited in line with EUK code of conduct]. I had excision surgery with him 12 months ago, got ky life back. Very skilled and experienced surgeon. Hope you will feel better soon

Hi I had my surgery with [This post has been edited in line with EUK code of conduct] over 3 years ago. Pain free for 2 years the pain has come back but I’ve gone back to him I wouldn’t go to anyone else.

Another recommendation for [this post has been edited in line with EUK code of conduct] here too. Excision is the way to go.

I don’t want to ruin your post but your not supposed to mention names on here all the names come up to the top of the post when I’m scrolling !remember an experience of someone having excellent excision could be another’s traumatic excision experience From the same person please do your own research as well x

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People are free to send DMs with recommends as far as I'm aware? I'm sure admin will remove this if it's a violation. I know experience differs from person to person, but if a few names crop up that is usually a sign it is worth investigating! I have spent a few months digging for more info so all the more I can gather the better. To be honest waiting like this is torture so it really helps.

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I’m sorry your struggling d.m I’s fine but not on posts .hope you get sorted I understand the wait is hard I’ve waited a year so far and told it be another year before surgery x

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Where do you live ?

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