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Top 5 embarrassing endo moments!...perhaps laughter really IS the best medicine :-)

Well it's been a while since I posted on here. I hope everyone is keeping as well as possible.

When I was diagnosed with endo some 8 years or so ago, I rather naively thought it had been 'fixed' by surgery...but then more surgery, and even more surgery, and oh some more surgery later and I realised that it wasn't like that for me. It's all very frustrating. Grrr! I wish endo could be obliterated, beamed into space, sent off to another planet and eradicated.

But it can't. Not that easily.

And so, sometimes, in the midst of all this, perhaps trying to recall some of the more bizarre moments helps because frankly, it can all get a bit much. Here's my top 5 list (special thanks to Becs & Aaron for inspiration on this):

1) Not knowing what to do about the..err...'garden'..prior to bowel resection surgery...decided to save the surgeon a job and shaved it all off - was a bit of a surprise for the surgeon I think!

2) Anyone had a defaecating proctogram? Probably the most embarrassing scan I have ever had - 4/5 people in the room watching me take a dump with radioactive goo up my bottom...

3) Getting stuck in traffic on the M25, no service station to hand and arriving at the hospital with a catheter bag so full that my knee looked fit to explode, not being able to walk properly and laughing so much about it that the receptionist didn't know what to think...

4) The moment my catheter bag escaped from the bottom of my leg in M&S...

5) Rectal exams - horrible things. Will never forget one surgeon's enthusiasm for my bottom - 'oooh that's lovely, really good' - probably not the thing to say when doing one of these examinations!

This is a horrid disease so if there are moments when we can laugh, I think that can only be a good thing.

Take care everyone


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I would have loved to have seen your fellow shoppers' faces as your catheter bag escaped in M&S!



Thanks, luckily I don't think anyone noticed! and so I quickly whisked off home :-) xx


Oh dear I do agree try and keep a sense of humour. , as hard as it might be , a senior moment I had recently , Went to the ladies toilet only to discover I,d lost my pant liner ?.....,I had put my knickers on the wrong way and it was on the outside ?......


Poor thing Helen! Sorry to hear this and yes, I agree, sense of humour can only help. Take care xxx


It is best to laugh. Thank you for sharing :) I think my worst moment was when I went ot see a new consultant after I had moved and was so used to the inetrnal exam proceedure I went behind the curtain stripped of my bottom half, jumped up on the bed with my knees up and spread. The guy walked in and just looked shocked, I think he almost had to walk out again. It probably didnt help that I still had on my knee high socks I had worn because I didnt have time to shave my legs before I went.... With hindsight not the nest move lol


I know what you mean Starri! I think we get so used to these things that we forget they might not always want to do internals lol. Thanks for sharing. Love my knee high socks too. Makes you feel like you can preserve a little dignity somehow! :-) xxx


Love this post! One embarrassing aspect for me are the bottom burps and trying to disguise them with a loud cough. Or trying to look "normal" as I stop in the middle of the shop trying to ride out a cramp.


Apparently... according to my mum.. I told an NHS direct person: 'F*** Off, you don't need to F*ing talk to me do you!? My mum just told you how S**t I'm feeling!!'.... I don't remember this... I just remember waking up in A&E. Hope I didn't say anything like that to the nurses that were caring for me! Ooops.... Sorry NHS Direct lady! I'm sure you were well intentioned!


I agree laughter is the best medicine and my husband and I were even thanked for making the loss of our son easier on the staff by keeping our sense of humor amongst the tears and pain of birth... A funny moment more recently was when I ran out to the bin men not realising my top was untucked and they could see my heat pack stuck on.. Anyone think they look exactly like sanitary towels from a distance? Not the best thing to be hanging on around your bottom! Funny expressions from the bin men kept me laughing for a bit though. The puppy wondered what was up with me.. lol xx


Laughed enough at this to risk bursting stitches (laproscopy only a few days ago).

My gynacologist told me one of his patients was so uncomfortable during an exam that she kicked him in the head. This usually cheers me up while I'm in the stirrups.


hilarious.......thankyou for this one


Asking your surgeon to go for a captain Morgan with you after just coming round from lap!

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I had a rectal examination and the doctor was talking to the nurse and said "i've got a really sore thumb at the moment, i think its from doing prescriptions". I was just led there like "oh you poor thing! It could be worse you could have a doctors finger up your arse!"


These have made me giggle :-) my most embarrassing moment was in the middle of an internal examination with the gynecologist and a trainee with everything on show and lit up and in walks a nurse who was my friends mum and I've known her since I was 4! At that very moment the gynecologist announced that I have a very nice cervix!.....well thank you! Left me slightly speechless and trying not to make eye contact! :-) x


Love these. You do just have to laugh.

mine include

1 my last embryo transfer for ivf they kept me waiting a few minutes too long and I proceeded to piddle all over the consultant (I have nerve damage from stage 4 endo/ multiple surgeries ) . Thankfully it didn't disrupt things and one of my embryos implanted.

2 realising on holiday that I had completely flooded my overnight pad while at the restaurant for dinner and trying to smuggle the cushion back to my hotel room unnoticed to wash it.

3 likewise flooding all over the bed the first time I stayed at my in laws. Trying to smuggle bedding down to washing machine early morning to put on before anyone noticed, only to have my mil walk in on me trying to work out how to turn on her washing machine


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