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Endo & travel insurance

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Hi there,

I’m travelling to Spain soon, do you think I need to put down endo as a medical condition? Some companies say you don’t have to but I would rather be safe than sorry.


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Hi I would say if you are worried about going and not telling the insurance company then it’s a good idea to inform them. We have the European health card but not sure what that covers in detail. I guess you will pay more for insurance when you start to tell them you have medical conditions. When I go abroad I don’t tell them x

Hi, I have always told them when travelling long haul,especially Dubai & the US but didn't bother when travelling within the EU. I did need to go to the hospital once in Greece & the treatment I received was good with only my European health card. Enjoy your travels. X

I recently went to Bulgaria and I put it on, insurance will do anything to get out of paying.

I’m going Lanzarote in December and my parents would have to pay an extra £45 to cover me in case I have any issues etc but I’ve just left it and going to risk it haha.

Just tell the travel insurance company and they will probably quote you a fee to pay xx

I went to Spain in June and put it on my travel insurance just to be safe. It only made about a pound difference so I thought I may aswell put it on x

I wouldn’t bother, unless you think you will be affected by it on your holiday and would require hospitalisation/medical care xx

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AJJ123 in reply to AJJ123

If you had an accident, the fact you had endometriosis wouldn’t hold any water if they tried to ‘get out’ of paying anyway but I guess mentioning won’t do any harm. Xx

When one buys travel insurance insurance to cover medical conditions they must declare all conditions they have otherwise the policy is invalid. If you were to make a claim on your policy it would be invalid if you had not declared your endo (or any other condition) even if your claim was in no way related to your endo.You have the option to exclude the endo from the cover once you have declared it (for example if you’re willing to take a risk you will not fall ill relating to your endo on holiday, or if your travelling to a country covered by your EHC card and would ensure you were taken to a public and not a private hospital in the event of being taken ill).

I have sometimes paid the extra premium or sometimes exluded the condition to be covered, and relied on EHR card, depending on where I am travelling to and how well I am feeling at the time.

But please, make sure you always declare any medical condition you have.

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