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Medication given on prescription for Endo?

I was diagnosed in January this year with Endometriosis, I had what they could remove, removed but was still left with some, I have been back to the doctors as my pain has not subsided ( I was aware it may not ) & told them cocodamol, ibuprofen & paras are not working & I was basically told there's nothing they can do as I want kids soon..... Is there really nothing I can have? Just have to cope with this agonising hip leg & lower back pain? DOCTORS DRIVE ME MAD xxx

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I was diagnosed in feb, I can't take NSAIDs my gp has been brilliant on the pill for three solid months stop have a period and also I take amitriptyline every evening (it's used for many things) it's for the nervous system and pain relief. I had endo and cysts removed and I'm still in pain and discomfort in my legs and pelvis. I'm seeing consultant on Wednesday so hoping he will have a plan on what happens next x


Hi Hun,

I'm sorry to hear bout what your going through.

Have you thought of seeing the pain team, you spoke to them about gabapentin? I had this a few years ago and it helped me but I know everyone is different and what helped me doesn't mean it can you. But worth asking them about it.

I had an appointment a little while go at the hospital and advised to take nurofen plus which has ibuprofen and codeine as tramadol and Oramorph are strong for a pain killer. Luckly nurofen is helping. Which you get over the counter at your pharmacy.

I can give you a link about gabapentin if you wish?


LauraLou xx


Hello Nutty,

I'm on diclofenic and dihydrcodiene, for my few days on hell it is killing the pain and the diclofenic is good in the middle of my cycle too, have you tried these?


Yes, know what you mean about hip pain, pelvic pain and discomfort and leg pain. I agree Amitryptaline helps nerve pain and aids sleep but gives me nightmares. I take sleep tabs at night instead, they at least give me some hours of sleep before pain seeps through as they wear off.

One Gp told me to use different pain killers alternatively (not at the same time of course) as interaction can be adverse. Apparently using a different one after at least 4 - 6 hours after (check labels) can be more effective overall. I feel like a juggler, trying to fine tune my pain and symptoms as they crop up. Sometimes I leave it too long before taking pain relief and breakthrough pain occurs. Other times nothing seems to work and codeine can be constipating, so I have to remember to take Fybogel and Merbervine alongside it (any stool softener can help ie Lactalose).

I occasionally find Ibuprofen 400 is more effective, but I know anti inflammatories can be bad for your stomach lining and can cause ulcers if taken long term, so I am frugal with use of these.

You also need to consider your lifestyle and medication, for example if you take too many pain relief medications (that can make you groggy) and also take Amitryptaline or sleep tabs and drive

you could compromise your and others safety on the road. There is so much to consider in managing your symptoms and pain! Sometimes I find mindfulness meditation can help soften some of the pain but need pain relief as well.


I was given co-codamol for years for my endo they tried me on other pain killers but this cause my colitis IBD to flare up. They said they could give me anything else as I was trying to get pregnant. The gastro consultant gave me nortriptyline. I was in so much pain on right hand side from hip all down my leg it was painful to have sex. I found a very understanding doctor who gave tramadol which is not recommended if your pregnant but it work. I'm now 2 months pregnant feeling very sick but the pain my hip and leg has gone. I hope you get some pain relief soon and luck trying to conceive. xx


i'm glad i'm not the only one with the hip, leg and lower left back pain. mine is lower left back, lower left front and down my left leg, its always there it never ever stops hurting, but just in varying degrees, its normal daily pain is like a gnawing, tugging, throbbing and sometimes stabbing, the lower back just aches continuously, and then the leg pain is, i suppose, like sciatic pain, i've had to change my car to an automatic as i couldn't bear the pain of changing gear, it always wakes me around 3.30am and then i basically cannot sleep much after that, and its also hard to get mobile once been sitting or laying down or even standing still, its like it seizes up. i take mefanamic everyday, i try to not take codeine as this means i need to take a laxative too, so i save the codeine for the really bad on period days, which the last few years is identical to being in labour for several hours each day i'm on my period. tramadol makes me hallucinate and i cannot function at all with them, i also take a low dose of amitriptyline everyday too - i've not tried gabapentin, is that another type of pain killer? xx


hi there nutty, i have a type of haemophilia so i cant take things like ibuprophen and many other anti inflammatories as they thin your blood and obv for me this is a danger. i take mst it comes in different strength doses that release morphine slowly over 12 hours and i top this up with oramorph when needed and i use buscopan as an anti inflammatory. this is all tailored for me do avoid me taking diclophenac which is brill but causes blood thinning much like asprin (another no no for me). there are options , ask to see a pelvic pain specialist nurse , mine is great. good luck xxx


Well we are very different and our pains are different I am on fentanyl patch which a very strong opiates, I have been on strong opiates all my life cos I was born with a medical condition that cause a lot of pains. It might be very difficult for doctors to prescribe you such painkillers for fear of addiction. But speak to your doctor about it.


Hi I'm not yet (officially) diagnosed.

The meds that I've been prescribed currently are: Tramadol, Oramorph, mefenamic acid and amatriptolen.

Previously I was given diclofenac- no good and naproxen- made me sick I'm allergic to codine so I've not tried that but if it helped I'd put up with the side effects x


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