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Post op blues


I’m nearly 4 weeks after a full complete hysterectomy. I’m on my own with no support. I’ve no friends or family members and haven’t been able to make any healthy connections no matter how much I’ve tried. My mood is going down hill fast. If it continues to I will get in touch with my doctor.

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Hi, you have joined the right place. There are so many women on here who receive so much support from each other. I had a hysterectomy 3 yrs ago but my ovaries were left in so I didn’t go thru instant menopause, it must be so hard. I am currently recovering from my lap last week where endo was removed. Maybe speaking to the dr would be a good start. The Endo uk helpline is also a good place to get advice. Really hope things improve for you soon. X

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Hi I couldn’t read and run without replying.

Sorry you don’t have any support, it’s such an awful illness to go through on your own.

You will get lots of support on here though.

I think it’s quite difficult to make friends who aren’t going through the same thing as you as sometimes you have to cancel because you are ill, only worthy friends stick around.

What about joining a group at a local youth centre or church that offer classes in something you are interested in? Not sure if these things are still running right now or not.

Do speak to your GP if you are feeling low as they can offer advice.

Do you have any neighbours that you can chat to so they can pop by to check you are okay? I would easily do this for someone and sure others would too.

If you need to chat please send me a PM x

Thanks. There’s no thing local and neighbours keep to themselves

I'm new here. But I am an awesome listener! There are moments for advice and moments that require nothing but being a sounding board. Anytime you wanna talk, im here.

It must be so hard to go through such major surgery with no support.

Seeking help from your doctor if you're low is a great step; a preventative measure before you hit bottom!

Its good to talk 🥰



It seems a tough thing to deal with especially on your own. What did you do or feel before op?

Hormones will be all over the place, might be worth talking to GP about it and HRT.

There are charities that can help you, have a look at your local CCG site, they often provide most of the funding. The GP can also social prescribe for courses. I know someone who is learning upholstery through a charity. It’s there to help with socialising as well.

I’m due a hysterectomy, just dreading the thought, but know there isn’t an option. I got tearful after lap, heaven knows what that’ll be like.

PM if you’d like, love to know how you coped with op.

Take care

Wow it is tough! Before my op I tried to prepare as much as possible and build up connections and support. (Just for back ground) I've had ill health for most of my adult life so haven't been able to build up friendships and my family aren't around as they were abusive towards me. I knew it was important to get support so in the two years I've been waiting for the op (wait mainly due to ill health) that's what I've tried to do. At one point I thought I'd got it all sorted and then it all fell apart! The last thing being help for me in my home post op! Before op I was terrified but knew that I had to have it and hoped that my health would improve so it would be worth it. I previously talked with GP about HRT - they don't like to prescribe it and if they do, they only do it for a short time. At the moment I can't sign up for anything as I'm not really mobile yet. I didn't feel anything with op just woke up after it and was in lots of pain as spinal injection wore off. They told me to take codine and nurophen but they cause me major problems in my stomach so I'd a lot of extra pain, bloating and swelling from them but the nurses didn't take any notice of that. After a fight they let me stay in a day extra but that meant I was discharged on the saturday of a bank holiday and they wouldn't give me any pain meds so I'd to wait until my doctors opened on the Tuesday after the bank holiday! I though that was hard going and now I can't stop crying so much for the improved health! I'm going to talk with GP on Friday and see what they say. I can't tomorrow as I've to go and get my wounds looked at, hopefully they will discharge me as they are healed! I have signed up to join some sites on Face book for women having gone through a hysterectomy. Hopefully they'll let me join as I need all the help and support I can get even if it is virtually! I hope all goes well for you, if you want to chat just let me know - I'm happy to help if poss and share x

Hi, If you ever want a chat feel free to give me a message, all the best with your recovery xo

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Thanks x

It’s hard when you’re dealing with other conditions. What else do you have? It seems autoimmune disease are closely related so to speak.

When you had spinal injection what was that for? Was it as well as general? I hate injections, I’d need to be knocked out for that 🤣

For any NSAIDs or problem pain killers for the stomach, they should give you something like omeprazole to take away those side effects.

GP’s might not like to prescribe things sometimes, maybe gynaecologist could help if they don’t want to. They can’t refuse if you need it for your wellbeing.

It’s so good you’re feeling better for the op though, really positive 😊, hope I get the same response.

The consultant who did lap doesn’t seem to think it’s all Endo related. He was very good and asked GP to refer for CT scan and colorectal dept. That came back clear, but still don’t know if some symptoms are or not.

It’s a shame your family didn’t understand what you were going through, common though unfortunately.

Don’t forget about 111, they can send someone out if you have issues with pain management, normally a paramedic these days.

Hopefully you’ll be more able to get out and move forward with plans.

I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia but it took me a long time to realise that's just a dump bin for unexplained symptoms - which I think was undiagnosed endo!

Spinal injection for don't see it lol you just feel it as it's going in!

I'm on laxido to help with my stomach.

I've had more help from GP regarding pain meds and information.

Yes I hope your op goes well and they get to the bottom of it!

Yes I hope to get out and about, it's just a shame the weather has turned!

I hear you. I have no one in life except for my Mum, who is suffering from dementia and I’ve been seriously struggling since I was sent into chemical menopause by a highly unsympathetic gyno because of uterine fibroids. I have a lifelong history of depression but it’s never been like this. It’s as if someone had switched out a light. I wish I could give you some advice. Instead, all I can say is we’re in this together. I guess that’s some kind of companionship at least. 💕

Yes we are in this together and it’s so important that we keep connected up. I feel like I’ve got some kind of imbalance in my head. I’m going to speak with my GP tomorrow and see if they can help. Have you tried your GP to see if they can help you?


Sorry to hear that you are alone with all of this happening

Some things may help - its your body it has to heal which takes time.

Try some natural remedies

Either in Tablet or the oil in drinks.



So many natural products which if you are to get will help towards the bloating,sickness

plus some pain management. If you can try to stay away from taking too many pain

killers as they will cause more problems.

Lady I have had that op, still suffer with endo,

But get up each day and hope that someday that ladies will be able to access better care


Hugs to you

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Thanks. Take care

So nice to read belatedly of many offering to listen. Hope you are feeling better now. If you feel comfortable with pen-friend, likewise, I'll be glad to be one too. Remember, you are not alone in this. I happened to live near to a store which has delivery service. I walked there, as an exercise too, then have the grocery delivered as you not really supposed to carry heavy bags for a while. Long term effect. Take care well now, and you'll be fine for a long, long time. Take heart.

Thanks x

Remember, feel free to write in here, anytime, any day.

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