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post op

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Hi! I have a few questions regarding post op. How did everyone sleep? I’m currently sleeping on my back but absolutely hate it..when can I sleep on my side?

Also, it is day 1 post op and my belly button incision is bleeding, is this normal?

Thanks all x

24 Replies
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Hi there,

I was scared of sleeping on my side after my laparoscopy too. I had my op on 07.03.23 & phoned & asked one of the nurses on 10.03.23 if I could sleep on my side and she said yes. I slept on my left as that had one incision. I found it difficult to sleep on my right side as that had 2 incisions.

I woke myself up every time I changed sides for two weeks as I found it painful.

Your belly button shouldn’t be bleeding, please ring one of the nurses (at the hospital where you had your surgery) to check what you need to do.

Good luck with your recovery ❤️‍🩹 xx.

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elise1204 in reply to Fizzypoptastic

thank you so much! I have incisions on both my right and left so unsure of what side to sleep on. I HATE sleeping on my back haha. I have rang the doctors and they’ve given me some dressings so hopefully that helps, maybe it’s the pressure of getting up etc. that’s making it bleed. Hope you’ve recovered well.

Thank you xxx

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Fizzypoptastic in reply to elise1204

It could be the pressure making it bleed. I read that we should be using our elbows for support (to get up) to avoid putting pressure on the incisions.

I’m doing well thank you. It will be 4 weeks next Tuesday and I feel much better. xx

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elise1204 in reply to Fizzypoptastic

I sent the doctor a picture and he said I have a haemorrhage and the stitch hadn’t held well! :( but have been given dressings. Ah that’s useful to know about the elbows.

Glad to hear you’re recovering well xx

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Fizzypoptastic in reply to elise1204

oh wow, I hope you’re not in pain with it?

Wishing you a speedy recovery ❤️‍🩹 xx

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elise1204 in reply to Fizzypoptastic

the incision itself is so painful! Thank you xxx

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Fizzypoptastic in reply to elise1204

Yes, it is. That lasts for a few days unfortunately. Xx

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I slept on my side/s when I felt comfortable to as post-op I could feel my stitches pulling. I am overweight though so depends. I can't think of any other reason why you shouldn't be able to.

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elise1204 in reply to G3miniStar

I too am overweight so maybe it might be an issue but i don’t want to risk anything

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I immediately slept on my side, while I was still in hospital , was never told not to! Deffo get bleeding incision seen to, that's not what they should do

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elise1204 in reply to BlueGiraffe9

I think I might try and sleep on my side tonight! Turns out it’s haemorrhaged because the stitch hasn’t held well but apparently nothing they can do according to gp

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BlueGiraffe9 in reply to elise1204

Basically they'd done a lot of work to the back of my abdomen so for me I could only sleep on my right side because it was the least painful option lol

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Probably about 2 wks. The bruising goes deep so the inflammation. You had a operation! You have high expectations of yourself. Just chill, sit back. Don't try to do too much or you could get a temperature like I did!!!!!

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elise1204 in reply to JOSANDY40

ok! I think I’m just trying to do to much? Will relax a bit more

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I hope you are recovering well after your op? I just wanted to share with you ( as I am 2 weeks post surgery ) that I used a cuddle cushion. It’s been the best thing I’ve bought whether I’m sat up in bed just reading or want to dose off. I found the first few days I had to be more up right to sleep. Then I just used normal pillows but lots of them not just behind my head but sides too. And only now 2 weeks on I can I sleep in a normal position or go on my side. Hope this helpful.

I’m afraid I’m uncertain of the bleeding, I would keep and eye and definitely let your GP know.

Warm regards


Sending warm regards

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elise1204 in reply to MooMoo01

morning Victoria, I’m ok, just in a lot of pain! I might look into one of those cushions and see if they help me as I hate sleeping on my back.

Will keep an eye out on the bleeding thanks.

Hope you’re recovering well x

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I couldn’t sleep on my back so I always slept on my side even when I had a total hysterectomy with everything removed and it didn’t cause any damage yes it’s painful but I found all positions painful but at least on my side I could get some sleep. The stitches do struggle when your stomach is still full of all the gas I had mine bleed a lot on the 2nd night but I just put a fresh dressing on and left it on and it was fine but best to get yours checked out and sorted if you are worried.

What surgery did you have was it excision surgery or diagnostic lap?

Take care good luck xx

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elise1204 in reply to MyStar86

I slept on my side a bit this morning and was fine so might just continue to do so! My belly button has haemorrhaged but nothing GP can do, so just have to keep putting dressings on!

I had diagnostic but they removed the endo as well.

Thanks xx

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hi Elise! I hope your op went well :) I am almost 2 weeks post op now, and also a side sleeper! I’ve just made sure my head is propped up nicely and have a pillow under my knees, which stops me automatically moving onto my side in the night, but my knees can go to the side still if it’s more comfy.

I bet your incisions are so sore :( I found them really painful even without the bleeding so I feel for you! Just make sure you take it really easy over the next couple of weeks. This website has been amazing during recovery, everyone has so much knowledge. Hope you start to feel some relief soon! Xxx

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elise1204 in reply to laura98

hi Laura! It went ok thank you. Hope you’re recovering well yourself. I will try the pillow method as I slept on my side this morning and it hurt quite a bit. I will do, just going to relax! Thank you xxx

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laura98 in reply to elise1204

bless you, I found it so much harder than what I thought it would be! Make sure you do relax! Xxx

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I had to sleep propped up on three or pillows or on our recliner sofa. Can't remember how long it took me to sleep comfortably on my side but it definitely wasn't very long and boy did it make me happy! Good luck with your recovery!

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Hi, hope you’re recovering well. I found sleeping on my side, with a long thin pillow under my stomach really helped. It sort of propped my stomach up and stopped it feeling like it was pulling down. I have two of the ikea ones and found one under my stomach, and one between my knees was comfortable. I did the same if resting on the sofa/armchair too.

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elise1204 in reply to gardentink

I’ve managed to sleep on my side comfortably but notice it hurts when I’m awake. Guess I just don’t notice it in the night

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