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Hi everyone, first time posting. Around 16 months ago I was diagnosed with umbilical endometriosis and told I needed surgery. I decided to postpone surgery as wanted to try and conceive first. 16 months later and no luck so have now been referred back to the hospital for surgery. I just wanted to get your advice and opinions as to whether I should also ask my GP for other infertility tests? Or would the Gynaecology unit at the hospital do these automatically? I've had no blood test or other infertility tests and suspect I also have PCOS. At this stage I just want to get everything moving as quickly as possible as I know I'm already in for a long wait! Thanks in advance.

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I was advised to have a hycosy to see if my Fallopian tubes are clear, an Amh blood test to see my ovarian reserve, a scan to look at my reproductive organs and also ovarian reserve and for my partner to have a sperm test. This was through fertility team at hospital and would recommend to rule anything out. Xx

Rainbow-girl in reply to GabriJ

Thanks for your reply. Please could I check whether this was organised by your GP? Or did the endo team at the hospital refer you for this? I'm not clear on how it all works!

GabriJ in reply to Rainbow-girl

I’m still trying to work it out myself as the system isn’t v clear! But basically the Gp initially referred my to gynaecology at the hospital who then did an mri and diagnosed my endo - they then recommend I have fertility tests so they arranged that with the fertility team. The sperm test was organised through the gp everything else through the hospital. Is it your gp or the hospital you’ve been speaking to more frequently? Might be worth starting with who you’re in contact with? X

Rainbow-girl in reply to GabriJ

That's really helpful. Mostly the hospital about my endo so I'll ask them for the tests in my next appointment with them. Just being impatient over here but I'm sure many others are in the same position. Thanks so much for your help.

You’re welcome. These tests were quite quick to organise so hopefully you can do them all whilst you’re waiting for surgery. I know the feeling - after getting my diagnosis in lockdown I’m on a waiting list to see a consultant so second guessing everything at the moment! All the best :)

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