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Early stages of diagnosis (hopefully)

Hello everyone :)

I'm new here, I've been reading a lot of posts over recent weeks and I have to say it has been such a comfort- you wouldn't believe.

I'm in the very early stages of diagnosis after suffering many symptoms for years, but just taking them as me being unlucky and not talking about it to know any different.

I have my first appointment with a consultant tomorrow and I'm just looking and wondering whether anyone could give me some advise and what to expect.

I have already had an ultrasound as it was suspected I had ovarian cysts, I apparently have 3 functional cysts in my right ovary all measuring 2cm. I have been told that this is nothing to worry about. All in all my symptoms recently and over many years point to endometriosis.

I have the contraceptive implant, this is my second one and I'm currently one year in to this implant but my periods and pain have been awful. Currently been bleeding for 5 weeks with clots (sorry if TMI)

Any advice for tomorrow and things to ask would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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Definitely advocate for yourself, you know your body better than some consultant that just met you, if they push for something you don't believe in speak up, and don't let them push you aside and treat you like it's nothing. Good luck and hope you get somewhere x


Thank you very much.

After not having much luck with my first dr- was diagnosed with IBS, I am feeling a little apprehensive. But luckily the Dr who referred me was fantastic so fingers crossed.

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Hey Saz, I'm sort of in a similar boat to you. I'm 35 and I've recently been told to expect a formal diagnosis of endometriosis. I've had several scans and vaginal ultrasounds already and I've got a 3cm cyst and a smaller one on the other side. I've got my hospital appointment this Friday 18 August. I expect they will tell me I need a laparoscopy. I've read about it, other people's experiences of it, and I am absolutely terrified. I don't have kids yet and this news has come at me like lightning out of clear skies. I've had symptoms, for years I guess, but nothing as bad as what some of the ladies here report they have suffered through and continue to live with. Thankfully. I nearly cried at some of their stories.

Anyway, just here to say stay strong. It will be alright.


Ella x

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Hey I had the exact same thing ovarian cysts and endo I had my first op 3 years ago at 22 removing the endo also suffering with burst cysts I had my second op on Monday and am now recovering from the same thing I also had the implant 3 times and periods we're horrendous Ive now taken it out and had the coil fitted

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Thank you for your comments everyone. Luckily my appointment went well, the consultant was brilliant and I have my operation scheduled. Fingers crossed!

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