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(New symptoms) Does this mean my endometriosis has come back??

I had laproscopy to have my endo removed last year.

I have been getting bad pelvic pain everyday since recovery. Along with painful intercourse and bleeding all the time still. (So everything i had before surgery but slightly less painful because the mirena and hormones help)

I have tried nerve pain medications which have not worked.

The cramps are actually slowly getting worse even though they are already unbearable.

I have recently started getting new symptoms! Shooting pains in the vagina and cramp pains in my bowel area. Also, it is starting to get difficult going to the toilet.

I did not have endometriosis in my bowels when i had surgery. It is all very recent.

Does this mean i still have endometriosis?

Or could this happen from another reason?

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Very similar story my side too! Have you seen the surgeon since your operation? Did they suggest any next steps?


I see a different Gynacologist than the one that did my surgery but this has only been happening the past couple months.

My Gynacologist is getting me to see someone for the chronic pain instead of her because she thinks she can't help me anymore.

Should i see the Gynacologist again to tell her this? Or just tell the chronic pelvic pain doctor?


Id mention it to your chronic pelvic pain doctor and see if their treatment helps. I guess no1 really knows where the pain comes from until you try things to rule them out. My surgeon wants to give me some menopause injections to test if the pain I'm getting is endo linked or something else 😫.


If the pain stops after the injections will that mean it's linked to endo or not?

I've been thinking about getting them for the pain!


If the injection stops the pain then yes, the pain is endo linked. If the pain is still there after the injections then there's another problem in the pelvic region 😫


Oh really! I had no idea.

I should definitely ask to get it done then.

Thanks so much!


Could be adhesions from the previous surgery. I had severe endo removed in 2014. Over time my pain has got awful again. Especially pelvic pain which really effects the sciatic nerve. I was convinced endo had returned but I had a lap in March this year and no endo by both ovaries completely stuck down to the pelvic wall with adhesions. I thought the surgeon would've removed the adhesions but since that op I've been worse again with the pain and after seeing him in clinic last week I find out that he's left them stuck as he doesn't think that's what is causing my pain! 😭😭.

I honestly think it is. Adhesions can cause a lot of pain and symptoms exactly like endo. I've not got a MRI and colonoscopy coming up to rule other causes out but I know they'll come back clear. No idea what I'll do next. I guess find a surgeon who'll be willing to remove the adhesions. My GP agrees it's what is causing my pain so at least I have her on my side.

It does sound like you need to go back to gynae. Just be careful in having further ops, if there's anyway you can manage things without another op then do. I wonder whether you could ask for an MRI first?xx


Thanks for the reply!

I was reading up about adhesions the other day and thought it could definitely be a possibility because i fit all the symptoms. It's strange because i had never actually heard of them until i was googling stuff the other day.

Yeah I've definitely been putting off having another surgery! It will be the last resort for me.

I might try see my Gynacologist again even though she said not to ahah xx


I am not sure about this, but I read on another post that someone had endo removed and was still in pain, the endo hadn't come back but they found out they had adenomyosis as well so that may be worth looking into xxx


Okay, thanks!

I'll look into that xx


I guess when they say surgery isnt a cure they wasnt lying. I too have been worse since surgery, especially my left side which was my worst. Im thinking either endo is back or adhesions from surgery! Cant be sure until i see my gynea later this month but just had a period from hell but my pain is daily. We'll see! But yes, endo can come straight back and surgery can fail to help. I was told all this just 30 mins before operating! But its not unusual. Its why after excision, they put you on coil, zoladax or pill! Especially if you have an aggressive form of endo! Mine waa quite aggressive and active, it had spread from left to right between diagnostic lap and excission lap.


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