Food and pain link?

I have been trying to cut sugar out of my diet (or lessen it). I started to juice fruit and vegetables in order to help with my sugar cravings. This worked for 2 months. I also cut my caffeine intake, as I used to drink a lot of diet coke. I've had 2 weeks of drinking a lot of diet coke and stress and my pain is back. I've gone back to less caffeine and sugar for the last week, but the pains are getting worse again. Can it be the leftovers of the toxins, or was it just coincidence that my pain stopped when I cut sugar and caffeine for 2 months. It's the longest without pain. So im quite disappointed if it has nothing to do with that.. Any ideas? Please help

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  • Personally I have no idea tbh but I have heard that for some people particular foods can be triggers for pain etc but scientifically unsure if it's legitimate but having a healthier lifestyle and diet is beneficial even if it doesn't impact pain.

  • Hi Tracey. I am a diet dr pepper drinker! It is my one vice and unfortunately I have recognised it greatly increases my pain. Since my lap and my diagnosis I thought I would go cold turkey. Whilst my pain has not gone (think I have too much endo for that to happen without excision) it has made a real difference. I had a drink of it today just to test and my pain is worse. Aspartame which is found in diet drinks is surrounded by controversy but definitely not good for inflammation. Think i'll have to get myself a new vice! Could you try cutting out the diet coke totally for a week and see what happens. I think even one can be detrimental. Sorry probably not what you wanted to hear if you're addicted like me x

  • I have cut out alcohol, sugar and caffeine and I find it makes a huge difference. I never drink or eat anything with aspartame anyhow because it is so bad for you. I do find that if I have any caffeine or alhocol, it immediately affects me. Sugar doesn't affect me as immediate but if I have it, I have it in very small quantities.

    I do have to say that if I have a coffee one day, I pay for it for days to come, so maybe it will take a while before the inflammation settles down again and your pain reduces. I try to use mainly an it a inflammatory foods and I find it helps a lot.

  • So I need to check out anti inflammatory foods?

  • You can just do a web search for it, there are lots of websites with information on ant-inflammatory foods. I am not religious about it, but I do try to eat 2-3 of anti-inflammatory foods a day. I don't avoid gluten myself as it doesn't seem to have any effect. Just experiment with what works for you, a healthy balanced diet it always good and will strengthen your body to deal with the end effects.

  • I have found alcohol definitely increases the affect my endo has on me. I have endo on my bladder and if I have a heavy night the next morning it'll always hurt to pee and will feel like I have a water infection even though It's not a water infection as it goes without antibiotics

    I am only just recently diagnose and have started trying to eat and drink healthier straight away no caffeine, refined sugars, gluten etc going to see if it helps at least

  • Thanks. I don't drink at all. I've had endo for 22 years and during that time had different treatments that resulted in hysterecomy 9 years ago as I have it so bad. The sugar is definitely a factor, but I'm a chocoholic. Since having fruit and vegetables drinks twice a day it had helped with my cravings. I'm pretty healthy person so a couple squares of chocolate is my only refined sugar intake. But the diet Pepsi seems to affect me

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