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How long before the pain returned

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I had a laparoscopy in August 2019 they removed some scar issue and so far I have been almost pain free. However I am now noticing the pain returning and my energy levels hitting a low. Did anyone else have this issue? And if so long after surgery?

Thank you

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No, I didn't as I was on meds for 12-18 months But had to have another Lap as Endo and Fibroids were present. That doesn't mean to say that it does not happen as we are all different. Suggest a phone consultation with your GP re pain control may be in order Take care

Yes!..after every excision surgery my pains always return within 6-8 weeks! My most recent surgery was in Feb 2020 and the pain was back within 4 weeks post op.

I had a laparoscopy in 3/2019. My period returned and now it has disappeared again and the constipation is back. I really need to see the O.B., but no appointments except over the phone. I think I might have an ovarian cyst like before. She removed it and my ovary. The only thing that could confirm it is a sonogram.

Oh my symptoms basically returned after 7 months.

Yep unfortunately mine has returned within months after each surgery and now left with daily pain xx

Same, lap in Dec 19 and it took most of the pain away but still have daily pains, the bad pains have just started to come back now ☹️ time to phone the Dr I think, just sick of appointment after appointment thought I'd be good for at least a year but oh no ☹️ I hate my insides. Hope you get some pain free days x

I’ve had two surgeries now; both times my symptoms were eased for about 5yrs. My last surgery was about 6yrs ago now, so am back to square one.

They won’t do anymore as they said too many can make the symptoms worse (as the Endo can follow the incision scars). I manage because my worse days of pain always seem to fall at a weekend, so luckily I can just spend it in bed till it passes.

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