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Hi, I was just wondering how this is diagnosed, can MRI detect it? Can ultrasound?.

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I think you can because for me the gyn said after both an MRI and tvus that although my uterus was 'out of shape' because of a fibroid it was less than 4mm thick so didn't indicate any additional problems like adenomyosis.

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That's good to know. There was no mention of it after my TV ultrasound. Due an MRI next month.

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Good luck I hope you get some answers xx

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Thanks Hun xx

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Hello I had an ultrasound which didn’t show anything but my MRI showed adenomyosis x

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Guess I'll find out next month then xx

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I had an ultrasound and they thought I had adeno, but they ruled it out with an MRI.

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we’ll personally over 17 years of knowing I had Endo and Ad ultra sound has always proved rubbish apart from spotting a cyst on an ovary. My most comprehensive result was from an MRI.

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Hello, you can definitely get a diagnosis of adeno via a transvaginal scan and/or via MRI as long as the person interpreting the results is an expert - that’s the key thing ❤️

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Thanks, mine was a gynae consultant so I hope so lol. He never mentioned adeno to me x

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hi! I had ultrasounds etc and it didn’t show endo or adenomyosis then have an mri and showed both as well as thickening over my ovaries and adhesions. Mri is definitely the best thing to have to show everything up x

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Hi I had an MRI and it picked up my adenomyosis

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In the past I’ve had TV scans showing thick womb lining and adhesions, then had an MRI, nobody has mentioned adenomyosis to me. then after my lap this week I’ve been told I have adenomyosis and endo. I think as long as you have the right people reading your scans etc you can easily get a diagnosis on scans x

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My gynae was able to detect the familiar fanning of adenomyosis on an ultrasound, which prompted him to refer to me to have an MRI where global adenomyosis was confirmed.

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Hi I have this. They didn’t spot this or endo on my ultrasound but it came up on the MRI…

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