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Frozen Pelvis


Hi I’ve recently been to see my gynaecologist consultant and found out I’ve got a Frozen Pelvis, one ovary is stuck in my bowel and the other one is stuck on my kidney & bladder tube. Has anyone else been through this and managed to have successful surgery.

I’ve got an appointment with a bowel specialist in May to talk through my options of surgery as it’s high risk I could end up with a colostomy bag for life.

Very upset this is happening as I could just have to live with the chronic pain for life.

Many thanks for any help or advice.

Kerry 😊

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Hi Kezza

I went in to hospital 5 weeks ago to have a laparoscopy to remove endometrial cyst but when I got in to theatre my consultant found she couldn’t do the laparoscopy and had to open me up as she found I had a frozen pelvis and said everything was stuck together. She managed to remove the cyst right ovary and Fallopian tube but couldn’t do anything else due to the severity of the frozen pelvis. I now have to be put in to menopause for 6 months to see if that helps stop anymore growth and pain.

Failing that helping the problem I to will be referred to a specialist clinic to see a bowel surgeon to discuss my options but my consultant has told me she is hoping that bringing on the menopause will help delay having the operation as it is a risky one and if anything goes wrong then I go could end up with a colostomy bag it is a very scary situation to be in and I totally understand your worries and concerns as i to have the same concerns.

I think get all the information you can ask lots of questions ask how many times the surgeon has done the procedure so you can feel some peace of mind then I think you can make a fully informed decision. If you have family and friends to talk to about it that is always good as you can use them as a sounding board but ultimately the decision has to be yours and I know it will be a hard one to make. Wishing you well and lots of luck!!

Take care of yourself

Vee 🤗

in reply to Elephant4

I went in for surgery in January to remove my ovaries due to cysts growing back, I had a hysterectomy in June 2018 & had asked for my ovaries to be removed then but he said it would not be a good idea.

The cysts have grown back again since having them removed in March 2018, so asked for them to be removed as I was in a lot of pain. My gynaecologist surgeon went in via a laparoscopic procedure to remove them, only to find I had a severe frozen pelvis.

I have seen the pictures and it’s very frustrating as my consultant told me in 2018 everything looked ok, this has probably been like this for years. I had chronic pain for over 5 years before I got referred to a gynaecologist and then found I had three prolapses which had to be repaired as well when I had my hysterectomy, as my GP kept putting it down to IBS.

I hope things work out for you and your pain is much better. It’s nice to know I’m not alone.

Kind regards

Kerry 😊

I had surgery just over a year ago to remove cysts tubes and ovaries due to possible cancer. During the op they found stage 4 Endo on the left side, I’d always thought I had it but couldn’t get it checked. Anyway the surgeon left a part of my left ovary as it was too attached to my bowel and I would have needed a bag if they tried to remove it all. I do have residual pain, top of

legs and left hip area, I have had bleeding since which meant another referral and a hysterscope whilst awake( if offered don’t do it get it done under GA). But no cancer luckily either time. I was operated on by a gynaecologist oncologist, she was excellent. Maybe you need a gynaecologist instead? I also suffered more dryness since but have taken buckthorn oil supplements since and they really work.

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