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Inoprable frozen pelvis

I've just been diagnosed with an Inoprable frozen plevis both overise infected with 2 cyst on either side has any one out there know more about this desperate is not the word pls im42 years of age in a lot of pain very unhappy where do I go from here

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Hi. I just wanted to reply to say try and keep calm. I'm afraid I know nothing about frozen pelvis, but was concerned as you sound so worried and frantic that I had to just say I've read your post and sincerely hope you get some answers soon. Maybe make an appointment with you gp or consultant asap to just fire questions at them and don't leave until you understand your options a little clearer. Thinking of you. Big hug. X




A frozen pelvis is when endo adhesions literally glue the organs in the pelvis together making them immobile or "frozen". It is only inoperable in the wrong hands.

You need to be seen by an accredited endometriosis specialist. Find your nearest one here bsge.org.uk/ec-BSGE-accredi... Tell your GP who you want to be referred to.

Frozen pelvis with ovarian cysts is a complex situation and should only be handled by a very experienced endo surgeon. I'll send you a PM with the name of a surgeon who can sort this out for you. I had exactly the same situation and this surgeon cleared it up 6 months ago.


Thank you so much 07738630366 I'm for ever grateful


You're welcome. Is that your phone number??? Advise that you edit your post and remove that number. You really shouldn't give out private info like that!

Click the little 'down' arrow on your post to access the edit facility.

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Same here you cam pm me too for N excellent surgeon who wasn't fazed by this

Take care


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