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Pregnant after 10 years 2 failed IVF's


Hi All

I just wanted to share my story to give all you girlies hope. After being diagnoised with having severe endometriosis I decided to look for a specialist hospital who had specialised surgeons to deal with endometriosis as most of them are just normal gynaes who know abit about endo. I managed to find Barry Whitlow at Colchester hospital who was amazing and down a full MRI and noticed that the ends was stage 4 and was stuck to my bladder and bowel.

At this stage I had already had 2 failed IVF and was desperate for a child. I told him my fears and he proceeded with a four and half hour operation to remove as much endo as he could with a bowel surgeon.

After a year recovery time we were just getting ready to go in for our third round of IVF and we feel pregnant naturally after trying for 10 years. I suppose what I am trying to say is never ever give up hope that your dreams will come true as mine were almost dead and buried and always always seek to find the best surgeon who specialises in endometriosis. Barry Whitlow is a wonderful man so carying and excellent in his field.

Good luck to you all xx

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You don't know how much this means to be this morning. After just finding out my second ivf failed you have give. Me so much hope. I have been feeling so down about having endromesosis and don't want another operation as I feel fine day to day. Iv already had two operations in the past to get rid of cysts and adhesions. I don't know what the future will bring but I just want to say thank you for sharing your story x

Bristol1 in reply to NDE1987

No problem just because we have endometriosis it doesn't mean you can't concieve it may just take time. I hope this helps xxx

NDE1987 in reply to Bristol1

Thank you so much. I forgot to say congratulations hun. If you don't mind me asking how old are you? X

Bristol1 in reply to NDE1987

Aw thanks. I am 34 and had my failed IVF attempts about 2 yrs ago then and they say I had poor egg quality as well so nothing was going for me. Proves statistics aren't everything well so far anyway

NDE1987 in reply to Bristol1

It's true hun, same thing happened with my cousin. I'm 30 years old and have a amh of 8.4. in the last 5 years I have had 2 operations and last year had 3 treatments! And just had my other failed this week x

Thank you for sharing your story. I am newly diagnosed with endo and I've been trying to find 'positive' endo stories/outcomes online so this is great news and lovely to hear.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and your dreams becoming a reality. xxx

Thanks for sharing your amazing story after seeing countless doctors and two general gynes I am waiting to sew mr Whitlow .can you please tell me what to expect on my first consultation with him I have been so disappointed with my progress with other doctors . huge congratulations on having conceived .

He looked through my history and then straight away arranged for a full body MRI to look at where the endometriosis was located. Once I had this I went back to see him again to discuss treatment. If it appears you have stage 4 and it is on your bowel he will arrange for a bowel surgeon to operate with him and try to fully eradicate all endo and then for me he advised to have a mirena cook for some time to kill off all endo he couldn't see. He simplifies things fo you as he said to me endo is like weeding a garden he can only treat the endo he can see but there is always roots underneath. He really cares, be warned he is always running late but it is because he spends so much time with each patient which is great.

Good luck with everything you are seeing this right man

Thanks for replying IDo have stage 4 :( on my bowel. Thanks for all your advice and information x

Thanks for sharing your story. I have gone through exactly same as you Bristol1.

My operation was last year Jan 2016 with stage 4 and cysts and now its more than 1 year. I have done so much study and research about endometriosis.

Learned a lot how to live healthy life and keep yourself away from endometriosis. I came across homeopathic treatment and that is helping me so much and now I ready to plan pregnancy.

All the best to all stay healthy ladies xxxx

Thanks for sharing your story. I needed to hear something positive. I have stage 4 Endo and have already had 1 surgery that didn't work and been trying for a baby for maybe 5 or 6 years? Just wanted to say huge congrats and what a wonderful specialist you have. I think they're difficult to come by. Wish I lived in Bristol. Sounds like such a caring and empathetic man.

Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy xx

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