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Removal of Coil

Hi Ladies

Please can you share your experiences of coil removal and the after effects. I'm booked in this week to have mine out, I've heard that the experience is easier than the insertion which I'm ever so grateful to hear! I wondered what your experiences were like during and how quickly it was before your body returned to normal cycles.

Thank you :)

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Hi short stuff88,

I have had three coils in my time, the old iud and 2 mirenas all three were quick and pain free on removal cant say that for insertion all three were painfull and nearly a year ago I have had 2 failed insertions of the mirena coil and so I am on the pill untill I can get another fitted.

I certainly wouldnt worry about removal at all.

Hope that helps


Oh I forgot to mention it was around 2-3 weeks untill my period started again from my last mirena removal but everyone will be different.


Hi there Mum of 2 lovely girls, thank you for your reply that's incredibly reassuring! On having the mirena put in I could barely walk, during the procedure I was in so much pain that I thought they'd broken something in there. Its a pain and experience that's well and truly implanted on my mind - your response has certainly put me at ease.

That really does help :) thank you.


Yes insertions for me were not good at all the old copper iud coil being the worst but the last mirena attemp coil fitting was not good either even with the local anesthetic injection the doctor tried for nearly half an hour but could not fit it and so when the time comes again to try I am not looking forward to it.

Bu honestly on all three occasions of having it removed they say all done its out and Im like really didnt feel a thing!


phew - I really am so relieved to hear that! I'm only having it removed because of the emotional affect its having. I was hoping to hold on to it until it expires but unfortunately it turns me into someone unrecognisable for a few weeks every month. I was considering the copper coil - knowing it has no hormone - do you mind me asking what your experience on that was like?


Hi hun,

yes I had myne fitted in my early twenties Im 40 now, I had it fitted so I didnt have to worry about taking pills whilst I went backpacking around australia with my boyfreind who is now my hubby The insertion was painfull and I was in tears and pain but I remember having very heavy periods on it and pains in my tummy a lot but I perservered with it for the 5 years.But I suffered with heavy periods anyway so it didnt really make much difference exept for not having to worry about contraception I have got to say that although the mirena was just as painfull on insertion it did stop my periods full stop and the first one was great for nearly 5 years it was only once I had the second fitted did I start having problems on it the pains in my tum and large ovarian cysts but no periods I had it out to see if the cysts would stop forming but I m still in the same amount of pain as when I had the coil in only now I m having terrible periods on this pop pill and two failed mirena fittings which I mentioned.x


Hi had one removed a couple of months ago apart from a sharp cramp like feeling when it was taken out I was fine. I got my period bang on time :(. I felt tired and dizzy after removal but it only lasted half a day and I chilled out on the sofa x


Hi Dabba76, thank you for sharing your experience.

I've got the Friday booked as holiday - I commute to work so thought it better to not have to go in the day after. I will get the DVDs and books at the ready as a back up.

How was everything else following on from the removal? How were symptoms etc? If that's too personal please dont feel you need to answer :)

thank you again x


No you are fine! I found my endo symptoms bloating, pain, migraines, depression decreased When it came out. I only had it in for 8 months but it just wasn't agreeing with me. I was bleeding erratically & heavily. My other 2 Mirena coils were fine no real issues so I got it removed. I only had the 3rd one put in as a last resort before surgery and as it happened I only had it out for a month before my lap & novasure but it was a great month and such a relief to get it out. I'm prying the novasure is successful & I don't have anymore bleeding. I'm counting down to when my period is due to see if it's worked before I would be dreading period time!!

Good idea to take the day off just in case, I'm sure you will be fine. Good luck x


Thank you :) x


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