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Gynaecologist appointment - anyone feel the same?


So I’ve just seen my gynaecologist and he has finally booked me in for a laparoscopy!

He then went on about how 7/10 women don’t have it and to prepare to not be diagnosed with it.

I felt a bit belittled and like he thinks I’m making it up and that he will be very proud if I don’t have it and when he tells me! Has anyone else felt like this with a gynaecologist?

Also a bit worried as it’s a general gynaecologist carrying out the surgery and not a specialist!

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I'm sorry your gynae has come across as insensitive- some doctors have a really bad bedside manner.

Perhaps he doesn't want to get your hopes up? Not that you want endometriosis!

My fertility doctor suggested a laparoscopy- even tho he kept insisting my pain and symptoms were bowel in origin- but he found and treated my endometriosis. And he was surprised it was there. He wasn't horrible when he said it was bowels not gynae that was just his professional opinion and I had bowel symptoms because of the location of my endometriosis.

Your gynae won't be able to treat the endo of it is found in certain locations and is severe and will have to refer you to an endo specialist.

If this laparoscopy doesn't reveal endo I would push to see an endo specialist as it can be missed by gynaecologists.

You could always talk to your GP and state your concerns and ask what happens next if endo isn't found- hopefully they will put your mind at ease.

Good luck with your laparoscopy I hope it goes well xoxo

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Thank you for your advice. It’s nice to read other peoples experiences! After reading on here about lots of people only wanting specialists because others have missed it made me worry slightly but you’re comments have reassured me. Thank you for that :) xx

Hi I felt the same they were like it could be endo or anxiety (I have pain during sex) even my letter that was sent to my doctor said I need to 'work on my bowel movements' if endo wasnt found 😂 Dont worry about the gynae doing the op I had a gynae doing my op and they found endo but you may like me have to have a mri and a final lap to burn off the endo with a specialist 😮

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Brilliant. Thank you for your words and reassurance! Fingers crossed it goes well! Xx

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I hope you get diagnosed or at least an idea of what it more than its just in your head (which it isnt) xx

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Thank you. I just want an answer, I feel like I’m constantly moaning about being in pain and it must do my families heads in but I’m not making it up! Just be nice to know why! Xx

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Same even after I was diagnosed I still moaned but we are allowed 😉Xx

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I guess we are! No one understands the pain we are in!! Xx

I can so relate to that! My gynea also booked me for a lap that I'm having next week but when she finally agreed she told me that she was pretty sure we would not find anything as my scans are clear (clearly not an endo specialist...) And that she will refer me back to my GP to investigate GI issues as she is only focusing on the fact that I get bloating and sometimes constipation. I tried to tell her that I know my body and what I am experiencing definitely feel like a gynea problem but she completely ignored me!

I am so glad I managed to get one of the two consultants from the endo clinic from the hospital I'm being seen to do my lap as my consent form said that any surgeon could perform it. I am so relieved as I don't trust my consultant at all!

Maybe check your consent form to see if you can ask for someone else to do it?

The feeling is horrible and I do think it really depends who you end up with as a consultant. Mine made my doubt myself and really questionned of I was that much in pain and also dismissed me when I tried to tell her about new symptoms (not GI one) .

I wish you the best of the luck for the lap! Xxx

Dear girls on this site. Please be careful with agreeing on diagnostic procedures to quickly. I had 12 procedures done on the childbearing department. From laparoscopic to subtotal hysterectomy and lots of other very invasive procedures in-between. Now I am left with severe dense bowel adhesions in which my ovaries along with ovarian cysts are entangled. In 2014 they opened and closed me up again and told me that it is a very dangerous and difficult operation to solve this problem. They offered me to cut the section of the bowel away to get to the cysts but that may or may not be successful . To cut a very long story short. If you can live with it then please do. All procedures are coursing adhesions and in most cases make the symptoms worse.

If any of you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I am no doctor but a 18 year long patient on Gynae Department. (private and NHS). Never go private by the way.

I had my first appt at endo clinic a few weeks ago, consultant told me its very unlikely to be endo because ive had 3 children naturally by age of 25 so its a 50 50 chance when he does the lap.

I wish they could feel the pain we go through daily maybe then they would be a little more understanding.

Im still waiting for a surgery date for january. The wait is killing me.

Hope you get the answers you are looking for xx

I can relate to this so much! It's so frustrating that it takes so long to get a diagnosis and the mental pain you go through along the way. I've had a gynea tell me that it's just chronic pelvic pain that a lot of women get with no explanation and I've got to learn to deal with it. Then told by another it's muscular, when I argued that i know what it feels like when I pull a muscle and explained all of my symptoms again in great detail she then decided to put me on the waiting list for a laprosopy for endometriosis. But like you I am petrified that i won't get a diagnosis and am contemplating requesting to see a specialist, especially after reading some of the conversations on here my hope has dipped again. knowing what to do for the best is tricky. Hope you get answers soon! X

I agree with you so much! My first gynaecologist told me that I was experiencing this pain because I broke my leg when I was younger! Was quite shocked that it’s what she thought! I just feel like I’m constantly moaning about being in pain so to know why I’m in pain would be a god send but I’m so scared I’m not going to get a diagnosis and is it bad that I feel like if I had it, it would be a relief even though it’s a terrible condition! In such two minds about the whole thing!! Xx

It's definitely not bad because I feel the exact same. I feel i would be able to cope with it better if I had a diagnosis.. especially because it's the only illness I can relate to so much as I have near enough all the symptoms. I feel sorry for my family and friends putting up with me on my bad days. Feel free to message me if you need to talk as it seems as though we are going through very similar things. X

It does indeed! All my symptoms link to endometriosis and I’m certain that it’s whats causing me pain but I don’t know how I’ll feel if it’s not that!

My friends and family have been great but I’m sure they get bored of me moaning all the time!

Thank you, that means a lot. It’s nice to meet other people and to talk about our stories because it’s hard to talk to people who don’t understand!! Xx

I only found this page last night and it already feels a relief knowing I can talk to people who are going through the same thing! Hope you get answers soon! X

I found it a couple of days ago and it’s so nice to read other peoples stories! X

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