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Endo affecting the bowel > Blood in Stool (?)

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Hi everyone. I have suspected endo affecting my bowel and currently waiting for a laparoscopy. My symptoms are always horrendous just before my period, but this month Iv noticed blood in my stool (on the surface but also mixed in) Sorry to be so graphic, but wondered if anyone else with endo affecting their bowel also has had similar symptoms between ovulation and their period?

I had the mirena coil fitted 2 weeks ago and so was hoping things would feel a bit better, but at the moment things seem very much the same.

8 Replies
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Yes I’ve just started getting these symptoms not had a lap yet

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Yes I get this, I ended up in a&e due to this and diagnosed with IBS. They are now saying it is endo as they have finally linked all my symptoms. I have not been officially diagnosed but I'm waiting on my appointment coming through.

Also I would get a large fluctuation within my bowel movements but never 'normal'. (Sorry tried to not be too graphic!)

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Hazza11 in reply to Anon1846

Thank you... it’s reassuring to know it could be endo causing it. Im exactly the same. They have done so many tests and told me IBS for ages, but they finally believe it’s endo. My first Endo app will be in March. Good luck hope you get things sorted x

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Anon1846 in reply to Hazza11

All the best for March! Hopefully things starting looking up for you 😊x

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It's quite common to find endometriosis in bowel with bloody stools.

I suggest you contact the surgeons who is supposed to perform the laparoscopy and ask whether a colorectal surgeon will be present or not because clearly if a specialist for the bowel won't be present, you'll get stitiched back together and will be asked to get a second surgery done, which is not advisable given the advanced state of your endometriosis.

Just make sure the specialist is present and you won't need a second laparoscopy in case of bowel involvement

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Great advise above. Even if it delays your surgery I would insist on a colorectal surgeon being present.

I had exactly your symptoms, the bleeding from the bowel started one period just before my first lap and never stopped but steadily got worse and worse. I am now 2 months out of a 5.5 hr surgery in which they had to resection my bowel as the endo had been left for so long it had almost completely obstructed it. I had a lap 12 months before but it was just a gynae and they weren’t allowed to touch the bowel so I had to wait all that time before the correctly qualified people could go back in there. Deeply regret not delaying the first surgery to have the operation done correctly- the difference in my symptoms now compared to after the first surgery is unbelievable! ❤️

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Hiya there, from my understanding it is normal to get blood in stool when you have endometriosis on your bowels. The ladies above have given some great advice so Ill try not to repeat. I had a lap done two years ago and they found I have stage 2 endo on my bowels and rectum which they said explains why I get bleed when going to the loo when I’m on my period. Since being on continuous hormones that’s mostly stopped now (do get it sometimes so it’s possible my surgeon missed a bit). Best to see if you can get it all sorted at the same time as everyone else has suggested. It may take a little longer to get a surgery date, but hopefully it’ll mean they find it all and can treat it all.

Best of luck for your op, really hope they give you some answers and hopefully reduce your symptoms. X

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I haven’t had blood in stools but I had a Mirena fitted during surgery almost 3 months ago, and I would say it has taken around 2 months to feel a difference in symptoms, so it could be that it hasn’t kicked in yet :)

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