Bowel endo and IBS

Does anyone have IBS and endo on the bowel? If so, are you able to tell which symptoms relate to which condition? I have endo on the surface of my bowel wall but am not sure if the symptoms I have (and are getting worse) are a result of that or possible IBS.

Also, if anyone has bleeding from their bottom during their period is it bright red or period type blood. Sorry for the personal question but I don't have anyone else to ask!!

Any help would be much appreciated xx

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Hi there I have bowel endo and having a hystrectomy this thurs. I have stage 4 everywhere including my ovaries and bowels. my local hospital won't do it as they don't have a bowel surgeon. It's very painful and effects me everywhere.

Good luck for Thurs x

Thank you for your kind words x keep you all updated x

I have bowel endo and have a lot of bowel symptoms (I used to get lots of random bouts of diarrhoea, plus really upset stomach during my periods, now it's progressed I am constipated all the time, frequently pass mucus from my back passage, and also have bleeding). I was initially told it was just IBS before being diagnosed with endo.

Bowel endo causes symptoms which can be similar to IBS but it's not IBS, it's bowel endo. After being dismissed by a GP who did a few blood tests and said it was IBS, I had a long discussion with the practice nurse about my symptoms. She said IBS isn't a diagnosis, it means they don't know what's wrong with you, and no-one with rectal bleeding should just be told it's IBS and it left at that.

This article is quite interesting

Hi scribble1603, I was diagnosed with endo 20 years ago & treated with injections for 6 months which was successful. I also had adhesions lasered when I had my laparoscopy. Now 20 years later I'm wondering if I might have endo on the bowel. I'm having problems with digestive issues, pain & constipation & was wondering what your symptoms were. After numerous tests (I haven't finished yet) the specialist is saying its IBS because they can't find anything else wrong with me. How did you get your endo on the bowel diagnosed? What scan did they do? I hope you find some answers. If you're bleeding from your bottom it sounds more like the endo than IBS, from what I've read the symptoms can be very similar. 😊

I had assorted blood tests to rule out coeliacs/colitis etc, plus did a stool test for inflammatory markers which can indicate cancer. Had a sigmoidoscopy (camera up the bum) which was clear. Ultrasound at the BCGE centre where I am being treated showed nodules on the bowel. I have also had a lap which showed that the uterus and bowel were stuck together.

I had a lap in November which showed endo on the surface of the bowel wall. My symptoms are worse during my period - diarrhoea, going to the loo about 4-5 times in a day including having to sometimes get up in the night, pain when I open my bowels.

I had 6 months on zoladex but I struggled with the side effects so don't really want to use it again. We have been trying to conceive for years without any luck and don't want to go on the pill but also don't want bowel endo to get any worse.

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