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Desperate for pain relief.


To briefly explain I have just been diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis I have a chocolate cyst & have been suffering excruciating pain in my right pelvis for over 3 months.

The good news is that I’ve finally found night time pain relief which allows me to sleep through. I was prescribed voltarol suppositories 5 days ago & have managed to sleep for first time in over 6 weeks.

But the daytime/ evening is still a struggle. I’m taking paracetamol & codeine every 4 hrs & have a heat pad but at times the pain is unbearable.

Any tips on managing the pain would be greatly appreciated. I’ve already been advised to look at diet & supplements & drink lots of water. I’ve tried various painkillers but not much success.

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I had had this for 11 months till I had my first lap in august 2019. Take cocodamol that's helped for my pain as I had a cyst stuck behind my uterus and was throbbing constantly.

I tried co codamol for 2 weeks but the doctor refused to prescribe more as he said it’s too addictive!

oh no, my gp given me 100 capsules of 500mg as she knows I pay for my prescriptions. Have you been sent for a MRI? After going in for an mri I have less months of flare up and now even more less flare up since having lap in August.

I rang my GP in tears this afternoon- I was literally doubled up on the floor with a hot water bottle. He sent me to A&E & I’ve been re-admitted to gynae ward so hopefully now my pain management will be sorted out.

awww sounds like what I went through whilst being under the care of gynae but.. all they did was admit me into a ward and out me on morphine. I had 9 hospital admissions under gynae to control my pain..I then referred myself to a endo specialist centre and discharged myself from gynae as they could never answer my questions and left me in a limbo, as they said they didnt know much about endometriosis🤦🏻‍♀️

After referring myself to a different hospital under endo specialist I have not had any flare up and got answers from my questions. Please try and refer yourself to a endo specialist centre, this can be done by finding your local hospital who is credited enod centre, it's the bsge centre endometriosis website. Hope all goes well and your pain heals quick. I know the feeling all I done was cry myself to sleep whilst being in a hospital bed, the night nurses dont even come to you and when you need pain killers they come to you after 4 hours.

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Hencharl99 in reply to Hidden

No but I will look into this thank you

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I live near Sheffield. I’m back in hospital again now so I will ask my consultant to refer me when I see him tomorrow. Than k you

Have you tried CBD oil? My husband uses it for pain relief and I’ve used it in my e-cig works for us. I’ve put a link below of the website we use. Their a large company and a great help if you have questions for them. Hope this helps you XXXX

Hencharl99 in reply to Evelyn_

Thanks I’ll definitely try this.

Hello along with codeine and paracetamol are you taking any nsaid? Such as ibuprofen or naproxen?

I’m taking voltarol suppository every night too. But during the day the pain is unbearable.

Check with you Dr if you can take a nsaid during the day too. I alternate between codeine with paracetamol and mefanemic acid so every 2 hours I'm taking something but it means I got get that down time between the next pill kicking in.

I know some nsaids are only one or twice a day which is why I say check as you've got the nsaid suppository during the night.

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