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Laparoscopy questions please! Recovery and waiting time

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Hello my first question is how long were you waiting until you got a letter with your op date?

I saw my gynae last Wednesday and he said it should be about a two month wait for my lap. I was wondering if I'd get a letter soon? Need to sort work out.

Also for recovery time... I know everyone is different. But I work at a behavioural school. So putting children into holds is something I can do often. Also getting hit or a chair being thrown is something that can also happen a lot. I wasn't sure when I should go back to work because of this?

Thank you :) xx

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Recovery times vary by individual and treatment for lots of reasons. Some people bounce back others take longer. I would seek tailored advice from your surgeon.

Typically for an office job and diagnostic two weeks off is advised. A physical job might be longer.

It actually took me five weeks to return and even that was hard. The anaesthesia affected me along with hormone treatment and I got post operative chronic fatigue.

For my major excision surgery I was told at least 6 weeks. I am four weeks in and likely to need a little longer I think plus a phased return.

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harrietkatie in reply to Starry

Okay thank you. I know it's all individual basis. Curious as to what the 'usual' time off is. I don't want to feel okay then get hit in the stomach and have to have more time in hospital etc!! It doesn't happen too much, but there is a chance of it happening unfortunately in the school I am in.

Hope you heal up fast ! X

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CLN1986 in reply to harrietkatie

I would say a minimum of 2 weeks. Even tho the outside looks healed and your feeling better, internally it takes a while longer. I would discuss this with your surgeon and GP. But make sure you take time to heal before going back, I work in a school and I know how pressurised it is and you just want to get back to take the pressure off the rest but you don't want to rush back and then have to be off even longer if something did happen.

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Starry in reply to harrietkatie

I'd definitely err on the side of caution given your working environment. A kick would set you back a fair bit in the first week or two.

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harrietkatie in reply to Starry

Hopefully two weeks should be okay! Fingers crossed. Just eager to get a letter through the post with a date now.

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