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Laparoscopy on Monday... how should I prepare?

I have my first laparoscopy on Monday and as it gets closer I'm getting more nervous, nervous about what its like to go under, to wake up, nervous about what the results will be and how I'll feel afterwards.


Does anyone have any tips or advice for this? Thank you :)

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Hello, I had a laparoscopy 2 years ago and will have my second one this year in October. There isn’t really anyway you can prepare, I woke up feeling a little uncomfortable but notice results within days. My lower stomach swelling went the pain totally went away. The procedure is massively beneficial. Hope all goes well ☺️

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Thank you, that really helps! And I'm glad that it helped as well, I'm worried that I'll have it and nothing will change!

Hi, I quoted like the going under part to be honest. I’d describe it as a warm fuzzy sleep.

When you come round be honest if you are in any pain and they will give you some extra pain relief.

Good luck

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Thank you!

Hi Maisy :)

I had mine last Monday and the best thing to do is try to relax (I know easier said than done) but it really helps.

You'll feel a little bit tired and there will be pain of course, but you will be given a pain relief for that, also you will feel nauseous because of the anesthesia, but this will disappear within few hours.

I hope everything will be fine and may you find relief.

Fingers crossed 🤞🏻🤞🏻❤

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Thank you!

Hey, I’d advise to buy some fresh mint or peppermint tea bags as it helps with the trapped gas you will probably experience afterwards as they fill up your stomach with gas in order to have room to ‘move around’ in there.

If you can have someone with you when they come round afterwards to explain their findings/actions that’d be really helpful as you may not be quite with it to take it all in, that’s what I found! My hubby hadn’t had chance to get to me after they’d called him before the surgeon came to see me.

Also, make sure you can take it easy for as long as you need, it’s easy to think it’s only keyhole so it’s not that invasive but you’ll probably feel exhausted afterwards. Lots of luck and I hope it goes well x

Ps, the going under thing really isn’t so bad, I totally understand your nerves but it’s literally over before you know it, you fall into sedation very quickly and before you know it you’re coming round and it’s all over!

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Thank you!

Just think about less pain after. I can’t wait for my third lap- one more month. Prayers for you. Good luck 😉

Pack lip balm sounds silly but after your op my lips was so dry I read it somewhere and I was like why would I need that but took it anyway and I was so happy I had it. I was so scared about going under I cried for a couple of days just thinking about it but honestly it’s not as bad as you think. Coming round is a bit strange but the nurses r there to look after you.

Good luck xx

Hi Maisy

I had my first lap 4 weeks ago and was very nervous like you.

I had to be at the hospital at 8 in the morning. When I arrived I was shown to a waiting room with other woman until a ward bed was ready - this turned out to be around 12 o’clock.

During this wait I was called out twice, once to sign the form giving my permission for the surgery and to make sure I was aware of risks and last opportunity to ask any questions etc, then again to be given the anti-nausea tablets, blood pressure taken and given a hospital gown and socks.

So that bit was a bit hard, waiting, not knowing when the time they call me will be my turn for the opp. But it all depends where you are on the surgeons list, so bring plenty to keep you and your mind occupied for the waiting room.

Once in the ward, I changed into my gown and socks. I was allowed to keep my bra on because I wore one without wires that day but pants need to come off.

Then it wasn’t long until someone came to walk me to the theatre, where I sat in another waiting room with a nurse who tried her best to comfort me as I was getting a bit teary with nerves, then the anaesthetist turned up and went through all the questions with me again. I was most worried about having the cannula fitted, so asked the anaesthetist if I could be gassed out before he put it in, which he kindly agreed to.

This took awhile, I remember taking a really deep breath to hurry it up and that was the last thing I remember, the next was waking up in recovery.

Waking up, I didn’t feel nauseous at all or in pain, just sleepy. Then I was wheeled in my theatre bed back to my ward bed and slid back into it. A nurse offered me tea and a sandwich which, after not eating since dinner time, I enthusiastically accepted and inhaled, quickly followed by half a jug of water to make sure I could still pee properly. I was worried it would sting after having a catheter in but I felt no stinging at all, it was more like everything was swollen and I couldn’t get a steady stream.

I don’t think I was in hospital more than an hour after waking up, I think I had so much Adrenalin in my system from the run up to it that I was just itching to get up and home.

When I left hospital, my husband drove me to Tesco so I could buy some pasta bake as my throat was a bit scratchy from the breathing tube and knew I wanted to eat something soft for dinner. This was gone by the next day.

I also did a bit of light cleaning when I got home so don’t expect to be a complete invalid afterwards but if your like me you’ll be a bit hunched over and slow.

I would describe the sensations after as most like how your abs would feel the day after a really intense ab day with a pt (this lasted about a week). The gas was the worst thing but completely manageable with heat on shoulders (this also lasted about a week). Two days after my stitches were unbearably itchy and I think that was the worst part of all. I bought antibacterial wipes for wounds and fresh dressings for when I wanted to change mine as hospital didn’t give me any. And I had ibuprofen and paracetamol in as well but only needed it at night to be comfy.

I hope this helps to calm your nerves👍 Good luck🍀

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Thank you for all of this, I'm going in at half seven so I feel much better for knowing how the day might pan out.

Hi - I just wanted to thank you for the detailed post about your surgery. I am having a lap done in two weeks and I am so nervous. Xx

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Peppermint tea! Helps with the trapped gas, i found the shoulder pain was the most uncomfortable on the actual day of surgery, pain wise , getting up from a lying position is the worst part i dont think we realise how often we use our stomach muscles! Get stocked up in something to help go to the toilet that was my number 1 worst expirience of the whole thing!

Hey, I had mine 2 weeks ago and I was incredibly nervous beforehand. I don't remember a thing, when I woke up the doctor saw me very quickly afterwards to explain the results.

My tips would be:

- make sure you take things for over night and something to do. I was convinced I would be out and even though I had my op at 10am I remained in hospital over night because my heart rate went up due to the medicine.

- buy some comfortable clothes beforehand. I have been wearing dresses ever since. I wore jeans a couple of days ago and tore my belly button stitch which caused an infection.

- take things for sore throats, throat lozenges- orange juice and ice Lolly's were amazing.

- take a cushion or something soft to put in the way of the seat belt.

I think most importantly is don't panic, the nurses and doctors are amazing and if you're scared let them know, they really helped to calm my nerves and explained everything.

Also if something doesn't feel right tell them. My cannula wasn't working and it hurt which it shouldn't but I didn't know so I thought it was normal, a few hours later and my fingers were completely swollen. Always ask a nurse, they are really helpful!

Good luck, you'll be completely fine don't worry!

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Thank you! I'm usually not too bad with needles but the cannula thing is worrying me a little.

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I was super worried about it but they put it in just before I went to sleep. It's not meant to hurt once it's in so if it's causing you pain let them know so they can sort it out. It's really not bad though :)

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