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Do you feel much better after a lap?


Evening ladies, I hope you are all having a pain free night.

I see from posts on here that some of you have struggled with feeling low and depressed & not been given the correct information about what happened during the surgery.

How long did you take to recover afterwards?

Did some of you have to go back for more surgery due to it being a diagnostic lap?

Do you have to consent to other medical procedures should the surgeon find other things?


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Hi AllthatGlitters.

I can’t answer anything you’ve just asked I’m afraid but 🤔 I am interested in the answers you receive so I’m jumping on board 👋😊

Hope you’re keeping well xx

Yes I am well & hope you are too x


I had a laparoscopy a few years ago which is when they found out I had endometriosis. Afterwards it was painful for a good few days then it cleared up and I’ve had a good couple of years however now starting to experience pain like I did before. They did tell me this would happen so I think I’m probably due to have another procedure.

Hope this helps!

I went in originally for exploratory surgery as I kept having water infections so they were finding out why and while they were there they found I had endometriosis so cut 3 holes and lasered it out. They told me afterwards so I would say no I didn’t know exactly this was going to happen but it was for the best.

That’s not good news you need another operation, hope it goes well for you x


I wish I could say that surgery worked for me but unfortunately it didn't. After my surgery, I bled constantly (and very heavy) for 3 months until my doctor finally decided to put me on some medication that stopped the bleeding but the stabbing pains in my pelvic region still remain. However, I know from reading many of these posts here that surgery does work for some, doesn't for others and sometimes it works and then the pain returns after a while. Even with the bleeding, the surgery did go well and I was walking around by myself around 6 hours later when the drugs wore off. In my area, we have specialized doctors and surgeons (as well as other medical professionals) that deal with pelvic pain and endometriosis. If you are unsure about some of your treatments, try searching to see if they have a similar specialist in your area as most doctors just want to give you birth control and get you out of there office ASAP or put a "bandaid" on the problem without really trying to figure out what is going on with you. I hope this helps you and wish you the best!

Thank you x

Hey, it took me about 3 weeks to fully recover but now I’m 3 month’s post lap and haven’t seen any improvements so far. My periods are still painful and heavy and I still have the constant dull ache which indicates I probably have more cysts growing and bursting.

I have my follow up on the 19th so hopefully I’ll be able to start treatment then xx

Thanks x


I took about 4 to 5 months after my first lap to recover, as in be 100%, I had the diagnostic lap with hysteroscopy (I signed for diagnostic with removal of anything they find, hysteroscopy and biopsies), excision of endo from my bladder and uterus, and unsticking my bladder, uterus and bowel from each other. They left a bit on the bowel due to it being a diagnostic and preferring a bowel surgeon. I found that easier to recover from than my second lap. I was signed off for two weeks and then self certified for a few days. Went back to my sports about three weeks after op.

I had my second two months ago just to excise the endo on my bowel. As this was round the back the lap was more invasive, took a little longer and more stuff was moved around. I had that one two months ago and am still really exhausted. I was signed off for three weeks and a further two weeks after. I am back at work, and have had to self certify for a day as my period was bad (expected). I have also had to look at physio as I have developed lower back pain - physio said this is because of the two ops and recovery time - the core (abs) isn't being used so the back compensates. I am having mobility and massage for my back with exercise for my core.

I'd recommend the physio as it's not mentioned but makes so much sense and omg it helps so much.

Hope this helps xx

I have been told they may need the bowel surgeon as I have Adenomyosis x

Hey, me again 😂 can I ask how they spot adenomyosis? x

Through an MRI scan, it didn’t show up on an ultrasound unfortunately. Hope that helps and any other questions just ask x


Because I’ve had all this going on for years (not diagnosed) i have been through the googling every symptom days many times.

And I never know if things are related or if I’m relating things that match a diagnosis just in the desperation for answers.

I’m waiting for MRI results currently and I think the waiting just drives me nuts wondering.


I know what you mean as I waited about 6 weeks for my results, I got them from the GP but I didn’t have to go back to hospital for them which is a good thing x


I’ve had two laps. The first diagnostic and lasered off widespread but apparently superficial endo. Symptoms were better for about 3 months then flared up again. My main ones were pain during bowel movements when on period as well as stabbing period pains.

Just had my second lap with a specialist and he excised deep and extensive endo from all over pelvis. So far symptoms much better. I think excision surgery has better results than laser especially with a specialist although still no guarantee it won’t grown again!!

They did ask for consent to fix tubes etc if needed. I had a colon surgeon attend as had rectum shaved and think they have to consult with a specialist on bowel.

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The biggest example is they have doctors who are pro at removing Endo from every part of the body that attacks and they do the diagnostic and excision in one lap. So it saves time and money and people have had very good results. Kindly check out. It may help one and all.

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