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Trying to have a baby with Endometriosis

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I was just recently diagnosed with endometriosis after getting results from my laparoscopy surgery. I’ve been trying to get pregnant with my husband for 3 years now. One of the notes from the surgery showed my Fallopian tubes wasn’t clear. I’ve been told I will get a follow up letter with the gynaecologist to do more investigations and let me know what my options are going forward.

I was just wondering if there’s anyone who has been in a similar situation and what my chances are of getting pregnant


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Do you mean your Fallopian tubes are blocked? If so then the only way you can get pregnant is by IVF unless they can unblock your tubes x

Yes that’s what I’m guessing they meant. The word ‘clear’ was what they used. I’m hoping it doesn’t come to IVF. Thanks so much

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I went down the ivf route as i have cysts in one ovary and a blocked tube due to endo. Ivf can be a really good way of increasing your chances and I found the treatment not bad at all - getting and endo diagnosis and lap was the hardest part. 35 weeks pregnant today and really grateful for our ivf journey. Good luck, I hope your fertility specialist can advise further for your specific case!

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This really helped. Thank you

hi. Hope you're having a good day. We tried for 7 years, after 5 I was accidentally diagnosed with endometriosis ( they thought I had a burst appendicitis). By the time the bsge specialist operated both tubes were very damaged. Not to be put off and with the specialist saying with stage 4 endometriosis and various complications we probably wouldn't have any luck, we did ivf and I'm currently 27 weeks with are little miracle so it can happen. Have you got a follow up appointment yet for them to go through your options? Xx

Thanks this has really helped. I was told I’ll be getting a follow up appointment soon, hope it comes in the post this week. Thank you


I'm sorry you are going through this difficult and uncertain time. I was also diagnosed with endo and they said my tubes had fluids in them. I'm also currently going the IVF route and dont let it scare you. If they think it will be a better route, then by all means go for it. It helps to know there are other options if the natural way isnt happening.

I wish you all the best xx. Message me if you ever need to talk about the process

Thank you so much

Another IVF success here... diagnosed with Endo at 13 and trying for a baby nearly 5yrs. Following Lap & Dye told both tubes were blocked and IVF was the only option... Our first round IVF miracle is now 7! My hubby claims she 'fixed the plumbing' as I had two natural babies that followed now (6 and 4) ...I know we are extremely lucky, but please don't think IVF is the end of the world. It gave us ours! xxx

Wow really encouraging. Thank you


I was referred to a bsge centre due to bowel endo found at a 2nd laparoscopy done to try to conceive. I had endo excision and 2 bowel resections, where 1 of my tubes was found to be blocked during a dye test during the surgery knowing we wanted to have a baby.

At my 3 month followup we were given 6 months to 'try' before starting IVF referral. 3 months in, I had to return as I had pain returning that had spread to my rib so they ordered the ivf tests then plus an MRI to check for diaphragmatic endo - which they now suspect however that was my last period and I conceived 2 days after my MRI naturally..... I returned to my consultant followup 3 months pregnant and am now 28 weeks (and the egg came from the blocked tube that was cleared at the surgery?!!!)

Nobody expected us to fall pregnant naturally but miracles really do happen.

I wish you all the best and hope whichever course of action is required you are well supported. It took 2 years from my 1st laparoscopy to get to where we are and it can be an emotional rollercoaster xx

Really encouraging. Thank you

WHO perfomed excision surgery? In these three years, have you ever had a hysterosalpingography done? It's the single best exam to check to see if your tubes are open or closed/blocked.

No I only just had the surgery done a month ago. It’s a shame if I think back I probably have been battling endometriosis for over 20 years but they took so long to come to a conclusion about what was going on with me. I will definitely mention this procedure to my gynaecologist. Thanks so much for your help

Yes, but unless the surgeon was an experienced endo surgeon with extensive experience, your chances of conceiving are still very low even after surgery. Was it an EXCISION sugery? Are you sure?

It was a laparoscopic surgery. Don’t know if an excision and laparoscopy are the same. Adhesions were removed and a dye test was also performed which showed my tubes were blocked. I’m well aware of my chances. Thanks

Great :) I wish you the best of luck!!


My fallopian tubes were blocked from the endo and a fibroid. The surgeon removed those during the lap and then did the dye test to make sure they were open. I got pregnant on my first try after surgery! Ask about the dye test.

Awesome! Really encouraging thanks

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