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Castor oil

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So, i started doing castor oil packs today aswel as serrapaptase and the other 9 suppliments i take 🙈. It felt lovely dont know why i didnt do it before! Anyone had any success with them? Its not for pain as thats not a problem for me anymore, just to get things moving properly in there as the endo has slowed everything down so its all working very sluggishly 😡

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I really want to try them! Didn't know how soon after my surgery I could use them.

Im not sure, i had my sugery november 21st and only just feel healed so id say not too soon but as soon as you feel well enough x

That's good to know. I had my surgery in November to. Seemed to take a good while to heal this time. I'm also curious about your 9 supplements? Do you mind listing them? I'm on 3 myself but always looking at other ways to improve things.

Sure, ive tried loads of different ones but these are what i have stuck with. I take a probiotic with added vits and minerals, the multi bona one, vit d, vit b complex, magnesium, evening primrose oil 3000 mg, maca, milk thistle, serrapaptase and zinc.

Ive just recently started to double up on my vit d, b and magnesium to help with fatigue. Maca ive taken for years it regulates my cycle and my period is bang on time every month and much healthier, no clots, no pain (apart from a dull ache at the beginning). You start out taking a lower dose and can build it up when your body is used to it.

Magnesium is really good for cramps, and since ive doubled up on them ive not reached for the paracetamol at all.

I tried pine bark for a while bit didnt feel it was making any difference so i stopped that one, and was taking tumeric, but its not advisable to take it in high dosages when trying for a baby so i stopped it, but it was good so id reccomend that too x

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