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Appendicitis pains?

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Does anyone else get stabbing pains similar to appendicitis pain?

I’ve had awful pains for the last week and a half where I’ve been ovulating and now close to my period, I had to go home from work sick today.

I have noticed that my pains have been getting worse each month and in the last couple of months I have noticed the pain similar to when I had appendicitis, just wondering if anyone else experiences it too?

I have a doc appointment in Feb and although I am awaiting a referral to a BSGE hosp in London, I don’t know whether I should ask her to arrange for me to have a scan, just to be sure it’s not anything else..

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Do you still have your appendix? If you do perhaps they could arrange a scan.

I had 4 doctors think I had appendicitis, was admitted to hospital last June. Fortunately they did a CT prior to sending me to Theatre which showed a normal appendix. They assumed it was a cyst rupture. I was told I had 'too much pain for it to be endometriosis'! That's what it was though.

No, I had my appendix removed in 2016. I’m just so fed up with this pain!

I get a lot of one sided pain - closer to ovulation but it’s generally there most of the month and it is due to an Endometrioma on my right ovary. You could ask for a scan which will bring it up ....the bigger the cyst the worse the pain unfortunately x

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MegTweed in reply to Rehanat

Yes all my endo pain has always been right sided and was found on that side, which is why I have avoided getting scans as I always assume its my endo... maybe I should request one just to be safe x

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Rehanat in reply to MegTweed

Y have u avoided scans? It’s one of the main ways to check if u have any cysts

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MegTweed in reply to Rehanat

Not so much avoided them, just haven’t bothered to request one as I know endo can’t be seen on them

Hi, I’m still awaiting my diagnostic laparoscopy for endo but this is one of the main symptoms that caused me to persevere with my gp that led to a gynae referral.

My gynae told me that this pain is likely due to adhesions. I have thought on numerous occasions it was my appendix or cysts but my scan was clear.

Not much help I know but I hav worse pain on ovulation and when I’m on my period but also a constant dull ache/random stabbing pains if I move a certain way. The pain has had me doubled over at times.

I hope your scan sheds some light as to what’s going on.

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k8n1990 in reply to SimplyMF

Im the exact same. Reading through this group made me think it wasnt endo as noone seemed to have the same symptoms, but im experiencing the same as you. Do you have a lap booked? Mine is next week and they're looking for endo on appendix? Have you been told similar?

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SimplyMF in reply to k8n1990

I’ve got mine “pencilled in” for the 25th Feb although I’ve not had a letter to confirm as yet. I haven’t been told endo on appendix just that that pain in particular is likely to be adhesions but we’ll see. I keep doubting my symptoms and thinking that maybe it’s not as bad as I’m making it out to be....then I research and tick almost every box for endo. Ive been told since I was 14 I just have bad periods and have IBS etc but as I’m getting older the pain is worsening and I’m getting more symptoms. I know from a scan I had I have a few ovarian cysts but it wasn’t enough to meet the criteria for PCOS. I’m blabbering now though.....I do hope your lap goes well and gives you some answers x

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k8n1990 in reply to SimplyMF

Everything you're saying i've had the same too. Hope you get your date confirmed and get everything resolved!

I had this last month. They did a scan which showed fluid and they thought my appendix was leaking. Had a lap and my appendix was stuck to my bowel and luckily wasn’t appendicitis because they didn’t have a bowel surgeon on call. And the diagnosis was endo

Hi -your post is like youre inside my head! this is exactly what i have been experiencing. Mine has been going on for about 4 yeara - extreme pain on the right side 3 days pre period and during period, i also get the same pain but much more mild throughout the month. I have my lap next week where they are looking for endo. If it helps i have had about 5 transvaginal scans which have shown nothing. Hopefully lap will help diagnose whatever it is, but you are not alone, i am the exaxt same. Hope you get it sorted 😊

It could be pelvic inflammatory disease , I went in to hospital for suspected appendicitis but turned out it was that , and they diagnosed me with endo the same time

Go on Nancy nook endometriosis education on fb. The best place to be in. Wealth of knowledge

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MegTweed in reply to Dakrav

I don’t have Facebook, I’ve been on there before and have looked at all the info though

I'm in the exact same position as you, currently suffering with extreme pain that is exactly like appendicitis but like you I had mine removed in 2013. It's happened several times before but it was so bad today that I almost went to a&e but thankfully it's subsided a bit. Not sure what's causing it but just wanted to say you're not alone xx

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MegTweed in reply to lizzyxx

Nice to know I’m not alone, hope you get your answers soon and feel better xx

I had this pain and at first they kept saying they thought it was appendicitis but it was my gp that said he thought i had adhesions stuck to my appendix pulling on it he referred me specialist and finally found out i had endo

Literally had the same thing last week. My gp sent me to the hospital thinking it was appendicitis. I was just told I had a bad water infection 😂 Seeing an endo specialist this week though so I'm hoping he will listen. Hope you get answers soon too!

It’s been really bad. I didn’t sleep till 230 then was up at 430 then 530. Had to run to the toilet twice as thought I was going to be sick. The pain is definitely getting worse, it hurts when I walk or eat or when I’m breathing. I don’t know what it could be but I know it isn’t normal

Hi, I was told all the pain on my right side that I thought was endo was actually bowel pain (which I thought was ridiculous as it was round the front and monthly) but for me it cleared up with some buscopan when I felt it coming on! x

I have very similar issues to this and I had my appendix removed also. Do you suffer from regular nausea too? X

Hey. I recently had my second lap and had endo tissue removed from v close to my appendix. I had a Bit of pain that had recently started but most was on my left side which was where I knew I had endo. X

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