Pains returning

I had a mirena coil fitted around a year and a half ago just before I was finally diagnosed with endometriosis. All has been well since it was fitted, my pains had vertially dissappeared and I felt back to my normal self. However, over the last few months I have noticed that my pains are slowly returning and increasing in pain each time. Has anyone experienced this with the coil after having it for a short time?

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  • I've not had a coil, there's loads of posts on here and so many people have the same complaint. Its very common, hopefully somebody with more experience can help you soon x

  • Hi yes I'm having same thing and periods are creeping back though I have had cool for two years. Has been amazing though..

  • Hi, have you checked that the coil is still there?  They can be expelled without us noticing, sometimes.  

    However, what you are experiencing does seem to happen with some folk; but it could just be a temporary change, that will go away again after a couple of months.  I had a Mirena for 6 years (now post-menopause) and it was brilliant, but twice (after two years, then 2 more) I had bouts of a couple of months of pains, and the first time it happened I even had 2 mini-periods, after nothing for two years.  I saw the GP both times, and they sent me for scans - to rule out other nasties - but all was fine and soon things went back to normal.  So I would go and see your GP.

    Take care.

  • It appears to still be there which is good... I have booked to see my GP so will go from there I guess. Thanks x

  • It happened to me, had a pain free year and then my periods and pain returened - it turned out that endo has returned (had a laparoscopy in the end). See your GP first, they will be able to check whether the coil is still in place, I got booked in for a scan which showed nothing and then I went to see my gynaecologist. I've had my lap and still have no coil but my period was horrendous, hope it will get better! 

  • Hi - the mirena only works locally inside your uterus and is used in endo to reduce periods. However, it doesn't stop ovulation so that means your circulating oestrogen is likely to still be the same and so will carry on stimulating endo if you didn't have it excised. I note you had bowel symptoms prior to your lap. Where did they find endo and what was done? 

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