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Chronic appendicitis or endo?

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Hi guys, I have been suffering with pain all the time in my right lower abdomen which are so bad that I can't sleep on my right side. I also get a lot of pain before and after urination. This symptoms usually comes and go but the pain in my right side remains. I also get stabbing pain in the middle of the abdomen just above my pubic bone. I am confused as to whether this is chronic appendicitis or endo? My GP is pretty clueless and does not provide any guidance. Has anyone else had these symptoms?

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Hi there if your doctor thought it was appendicitis you would be in hospital by now having it out!they don't really mess about with that .if you are that worried I would get down a and e to get looked at .ive had appendicitis you know about it believe .

Go and get another opinion sooner rather than later

All the best

I wonder whether it's both? They discovered endo on my appendix (it was in a bit of a mess) which resulted in symptoms which couldn't be pinned to either until it was seen.

Hi hun,

I was admitted to hospital a couple of months ago with the same thing. They thought I had appendicitis but it turned out to be a ruptured ovarian cyst. I have always got pain on the right side of my groin but then about once a month it gets excruciating. When I had my lap they found endometriosis, a right paratubal cyst and my bowel was attached to adhesions so I'm thinking a cyst is forming once a month. I would get it checked out at the hospital just to be on the safe side. Hope you feel better x

How are you feeling now? What did they do to remedy the situation?

I'm still in lots of pain and am waiting to see an endometriosis specialist. I'm taking strong painkillers which don't take the pain away fully. If I get the pain as bad as I had it again that day, I will go to a&e just in case it is appendicitis x

Did they not even remove the cyst?

The cyst had burst so all they could do was keep me in overnight and keep an eye on me with strong painkillers. It wasn't a chocolate cyst that us full of blood, it was fluid x

Aww man. That does not sound pleasant. I hope you feel better soon. At least the endo specalist will know how to treat it. x

It wasn't hun but they were great at the hospital. Thank you, you too. And yes am hoping the endometriosis specialist can sort me out x

Your story sounds exactly like mine! Suspected appendicitis however they sent me home, came back to hospital two days later cause I was still in really bad pain and I had an internal ultrasound which showed a cyst, was given strong antibiotics and stayed in hospital overnight and the next day it had burst.

Having a lap on the 22nd Of Jan!

I'm waiting on my next appointment but I have these symptoms too. They think I have a cyst or the endo is on the bladder and ovary. I'm sorry I can't give you more info but I hope this helps xxx

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Let me know what they find as it may help me. x

Hi guys, thanks for all your responses. I am fighting to get a laparoscopy done to find out what is causing these problems. x

I will but I might get an appointment until October :( xxx

I had this and I had endo on my appendix which was removed. I also had endo elsewhere including the POD (pouch of douglas) which wasn't removed (and I wasn't told about) I then had to have a further surgery.

If/when you have your lap make sure that you have a surgeon (it will probably be two if you are having your appendix possibly out) who is an endometriosis specialist, you want to get it all removed at the same time. Recovering from surgery takes time and the more surgeries you have the more scar tissue can form.

I wish you the best of luck. Hope you get the treatment you need soon.

Thanks for the advice. I will.

How are you now as i noticed your post is two years old ?.

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