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Hi, I’m having my lap on Friday. Last time it was converted into a laparotomy because they couldn’t ‘see’ properly. This time it’s with a surgeon with a special interest in endo- not bsge but knows what he’s doing from talking to him and looking at his credentials. I know no one can predict if I’m going to have open surgery again but has anyone else been through this? I know I’ve got pelvic congestion too. Thanks for any replies ladies xxxx

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When signing for both my laparoscopies with my private specialist endo gynae I still signed for a laparotomy - as they can't always get all their instruments in the right places to use the camera to see and remove endo / adhesions, cysts etc so if I still want my endo removed in that op I could be opened up.

You don't have to sign for it - it just means if they can't get everything into the right angles they'll do what they can and will let you know a laparotomy will be needed at a later date.

It doesn't matter if it's a gynae specialist or an endo specialist or BSGE specialist; the instruments are the same so if they physically cannot get the camera, light, grippers, and tongues around the inside or cannot get to where they want then they have to open up; keyholes are only usually in certain places so it can make seeing deeper really difficult. Think of if they need to see under your intestines, or around them, and cannot move them out of the way due to's not nice and sounds scary but if it helps treat your endo..think of the positives.

Sorry I can't be more help as I've not had the laparotomy myself. Hope it all goes okay whatever happens xx

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Thank you so much that is very helpful. I’m open to having a laparotomy if needed, just wanted to prepare myself for it xxx

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So my op is today! I’ve found out I have cervical ectropion (erosion) too, will they do something about that during the op or is it not something to worry about? Thanks xxx

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