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Laparoscopy and Laparotomy

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Only 2 days to go until

I go in for my diagnostic lap. They are treating any Endo at the same time. Reading through the consent form I have signed for. Laparoscopy and Laparotomy. I have no idea what the difference is. Also I signed to have the marina coil fitted, but after reading the reviews I'm going to opt out of this if I can. Iim actually feeling very scared about this whole precedure 😰

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Hi the laparoscopy is small keyhole incisions to investigate and remove the endo. Laparotomy is where you're opened up via an cut across your abdomen much the same as a caesarean section. The latter is only used if they cannot get to areas they need to; it isn't often used but by signing for it means that should it be needed it can be carried out there and then rather than not doing much and then needing another op later as you hadn't consented.

You can call up the secretary or the surgeon before the op to say what you'd like to exclude; in you're case the coil. That should be fine. If you can't get in touch with them before then on the day of the op they'll run through and get you to check what you're having done; you can check the consent form then and mention it, they'll make amendments.

How is your endo being removed? It's good to know regarding regrowth and recovery times. If it's ablation (sanding) or laser (heat / diathermy) recovery can be shorter but regrowth quicker as it only removes the top layers of endo. Ideally you want excision (cutting out) it removes endo and a bit of healthy tissue - it's more invasive and not always available, recovery is slightly longer but regrowth is shown to be less. Whatever option is available make sure to ask if they'll look everywhere - don't be alarmed if they don't remove endo off the bladder or bowel - sometimes they require a specialist surgeon for that whom understands that structure to assist - so it may be a separate op at a later date.

Hope all goes okay xx

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My notes say excision and diathermy. Thank you so much for your reply.

I'm in a gyene department

good detailed reply. even for myself having gone through two laps with an endo specialist for excision of endo and additional colorectal surgeon present; it's good to have a read of the guidelines and rules they should follow. It helps to know where you stand and what to expect.

I have requested to join the group. 😊

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