Time has come hysterectomy

Hi everyone hope you all are feeling a bit better. Am going into hospital tomorrow Thursday for hysterectomy on Friday. There is a bowel surgeon involved along with consultant. Hopefully this will be the last op this will be my 4th surgery. Am very emotional about it all as I never had any children down to the endo. i thought I was over it. I guess at 46 there wasn't much hope.

Thanks for listening. .

Louise x

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  • Awe really feel for you , good luck hope it all goes well in hospital and you'll be home cozy and comfortable, very soon

  • Thank you for your kind thoughts. I appreciate it. Xx

  • Hi Louise. I'm sorry to hear what you are going through. I hope your surgery goes well and it helps. I'm getting one in 2 weeks and also have bowel involved. Also never had kids. It is so hard to accept. My thoughts and prayers go out to you.

  • Hi coreypart.

    Just waiting on hospital ringing back to tell me what time to come. Thanks for your reply and will let you know how it goes. Please God it will work out.

    Take care xx

  • Hi Coreysart

    Was wondering how your op went fot you


  • Hi! It went well. I had a rough time in the hospital. Bad reaction to morphine and blown out veins. Otherwise, all was well. I'm feeling mostly normal now but tired and sensitive stomach. It's amazing to not have the horrible agonizing pain, bleeding and bloating of endo. Haven't felt this way in the last 25 years! Well worth it! How are you?

  • Good luck I will be thinking of you. I have mine next Friday with a bowel surgeon on stand by.

    Please keep us posted as to how everything goes. I will pray for you and your fast recovery 😘😘

  • Hi catsis

    Thanks for your reply.

    Its such a nightmare living with endo. Hopefully this will be worth it. I shall let ypu know how it goes. Please God all will be good.

    Take care xx

  • Hope you are recovering 😘😘

  • Hi Catsi

    How are you after your opxx

  • Hi Lou,

    I feel great πŸ‘ 5 weeks tomorrow since having it done. Went to see bowel consultant last night as when they took the mass off of my bowel and repaired it they found I have endo on my bowel. Now waiting for a camera to see it has not grown inside and its only on bowel. More fun and games hey.

    I am basically back to normal thou and doing all my cleaning etc. A little pain when I have overdone things but really do feel great.

    Having a few hot sweats too. I lay in bed sweating and off come the comes the quilt then wake up freezing again. My poor husband wakes up and is constantly covering me then off I throw the quilt again πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    How are you know? Xx

  • Am so glad it went well thats great news.

    I had a rough time

    2 days after op i was really sick jad kidmey failure which they IV fluid resuscitation. Was on 4 differant dripeswith antibioctics for hours 5 days was in 12 days.

    Still not great and kidmey infection.

    But to be there is another girl on this site who had alot worse.

    Please God it will be worth it in the end.

    Take care xx

  • Bless you πŸ˜₯ You really did go through it. It's a nightmare stay strong there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    Some of us really suffer although I was one of the lucky ones I think. There was a lady in the hospital who went through the mill they nicked her bowel and my goodness she was so poorly.

    Sending hugs God bless you xx

  • Yes God help some women are alot worse.

    Thanks for your kind wishes.

    Take care x

  • Hi Louise. I'm in the exact same position. Going in for hysterectomy in 2 weeks. Will also be op no 4 for endo and I too have no children due to endo so I completely get the emotional side of it. No one gets it do they? How can they.

    So you're in today? You'll be 2 weeks ahead of me. I really hope it goes well and you can start to try to move on. That's my hope, but reality may be different.

    Good luck xx

  • Thanks for coming back to me. Just waiting on hospital to call me back to let me know what time to go over.

    Hopefully it all goes well and thongs will be easier after all these years.

    I will keep you informed of how ot goes

    Take care and gooluck xx

  • Hi

    I hope your op went well. How are you getting on.


  • Op was 7 hours as endo returned with avengence. Thought all ok until I struggled for breath 5 days later. Long story short i got one of the rare complications, they obviously caught my bowel during the op. I'm incredibly lucky to still be here, had perforated bowel and sepsis. Had emergency surgery, and have come out with a stoma and major bladder issues. In hospital all over Xmas and new year.

    Now questioning if I did the right thing. X

  • Omg you have had a terrifying time. Its differcult enough without complications. I know what you mean about doing the right thing. They can reverse the stoma??

    I had a bad time to not as bad as you thou. I was ok for one day then felt really ill and couldnt speak out eventually got a nurse who was passing the room. I was on 4 differant antibioctic by drip for hours at a time 5 days had kidney failure and infection somewhere with a few haematomas vaults in tummy. I read doc letter says Grew E Coli. Was in 2 weeks. But still not good had to leave sample in again today the last 3 came back inconclusive.

    Makes you wonder

    I hope you will be oksoon. Take care Lou

  • Yeah by the time I got to the hospital I was in kidney failure. Scary stuff. Got flipping uti now too! Take care x

  • Hope everything goes well in you're surgery . You're not alone in you're journey. Be strong there is life after hysterectomy.

  • Good luck for the op.

    Check out the hysterectomy associations website for lots of useful tips and advice on recovery. Take it really easy for first few weeks at least.

    So get where you're coming from on no kids due to endo and even though I accepted that a year or so before hyster it's really hard to explain all the feelings that come up with the op anyway.

    Be kind to yourself

  • Thank you for you reply and lind words. Just want it over with now. Take care x

  • Hi

    I hope your surgery goes well xx I had mine 4 weeks ago today with a bowel surgeon on standby xx which was also my 4th op due to endo xx

    Rest up, don't be tempted to do more than you should xx

  • Hi Angelclaire.

    Its overhad to have open surgery. Doc not sure if gonna b pain free but sure help.

    Is your hospital Belfast city.

    How are you getting on?

    Thanks for your reply x

  • Hi Louburns1

    Not Belfast I am in West Sussex, England.

    First week was the hardest but week on week you do improve. I managed to be taken out for lunch with my Mum week two, it wasn't for long and I was bushwhacked when I got home. Just do little and slowly. After my lunch I rested up for a few days before venturing out again.

    I've been very lucky my family and friends have been amazing, keeping me company, cooking, shopping, cleaning and basically driving me around xxx which has helped so don't be too proud to accept/ask for help.

    I also started HRT before leaving hospital, to help relieve the menopausal symptoms which came on following the op.

    Although a difficult op I was lucky and he managed to do it all keyhole . due to the "mess" in there he had trouble seeing my eurether (sp?) and I have had some bladder issues but again they seem to be slowly getting better. Try not to stress if there are any set backs I was absolutely certain my bladder was damaged FOREVER!

    I also couldn't sleep, combo of trapped gas from keyhole, bladder needing emptying every 30 mins, and out of the ordinary worry/panic attacks. So ended up having sleeping tablets for 3 nights, was really opposed to this but it really helped. So take your Drs advise.

    Just be kind to yourself and allow yourself to feel low, it's allowed and normal. Heck most people suffer with post surgery blues and that's without the drop in hormones etc

    Wow sorry that was a rather epic reply πŸ˜‚.

  • Hey just remember there's always someone going through worse than you. I had a hysterectomy in September and unfortunately they found a tumour on the endo which had developed on both my ovaries. The cancer had spread to my bowel and a small growth also on my right diaphragm. All has been removed and I'm now on a course of chemo, the op was fine so count your blessings.

  • Thanks to you all for your comments and am so sorry for who have had bad news its differcult time. My own mum has been through chemo n radation this year.

    My hysterectomy was 3 weeks yestetday friday. On the sunday i was very sick turned out ilost alot of blood and had Aki (kidney infection)really bad was on 4 antibiotics at once by drip.

    Home just over a week back on antibiotic. My GP said i was on DEMESTOS thats how strong the antibiotics were. Had 2 CT scans showed a few vaults of haematoma and grew E-COLI in urine tract.

    Hopefully its the end of Endo.

    I hope everyone has a peaceful Christmas.

    Take care x

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