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Pains back after a Hysterectomy!!


I have just joined today, I had a Total Hysterectomy in 2008, I had severe endometriosis stage 4. Having gone through years of pain since I was a teenager with my periods and years of fertility problems and treatment including ivf. I have been so much better since the hysterectomy but starting getting pains in my lower back, right side of pelvis and right hip. These pains have become very debilitating and on Tuesday I was so ill I had to stay In bed for most of the day. I went to my doctors on Thursday and am being referred to the hospital gynae for investigations. I know that there is no cure for this terrible chronic illness but I cant stop worrying if the endo has come back!!!. I would be lovely if there is someone who has gone through a similar situation who I can talk to as at the moment my emotions are everywhere. Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

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How awful for you, I really hope you get sorted and don't have to go through too much more without help, try not to worry xx

vic74 in reply to jvg69

Thanks for your reply jvg69, I hope I don't have to go into hospital again, not stopped worrying since I booked my appointment. xx

My endo is back after 3 blissful years without it following a hysterectomy. Ask your gp to refer you to a specialist endo centre, it will be to complex for an ordinary gynae dept to treat.

Good luck

Bevsymon in reply to Screechowl

Did you ladies have your ovRies removed with hysterectomy? I just had radical hysterectomy and been told only 10% chance of endo returning and mine was severe x

vic74 in reply to Bevsymon

Hi Bevsymon, I had everything removed total hysterectomy both ovaries removed. I haven't been on any hrt either since my op 7 years ago as I was too afraid of the endo returning and didn't want to put any hormones into my body for the endo to feed on. xx

Bevsymon in reply to vic74

I hope it's not your endo returning - how old were you when you had your hysterectomy if you don't mind me asking I am 43 -is the pain similar to pains you used to have? How did you manage your hot flushes etc I have bought ginseng and green tea and it's took the edge of it. Take care xx

vic74 in reply to Screechowl

Thanks for your reply Screechowl, I hear of people being referred to a specialist endo centre. But I don't think there is one near to where I live. The gp has suggested the hospital where I went for my hysterectomy as they have my notes there when I had my op.

My pelvic pain and left hip pain was from adhesions more so than the endo according to the dr that did my op I did have cyst on left ovary causing some pain too so it is hard to say which pains were caused by which problen x

Hi Bevsymon, I had my hysterectomy when I was 33 im now 40. I didn't take anything for my hot flushes. I have been lucky as I very rarely have any now. I have been back to the docs a few times with the pains. I was also told it could be scar tissue and adhesions from the surgery ive had. As I had 2 laparoscopys in the past too. The pains feel just the same as endo pain which I suffered from before my op. xx

I had a complete hysterectomy with the ovaries removed in 2006 at the age of 30 due to endometriosis. My laparoscopy prior to my hysto couldn't get all of the endo adhesion because of where they were located. My doctor put me on HRT after my hysterectomy. It hurts to have sex, it feels like they are going to bust through the wall of who knows what and then I wind up being in pain and severely bloated for days afterwards. I took myself off the hormone and am doing a lot better but I want to know if I still have it.

I know how you feel. I had a total hysterectomy two years ago and recently been getting the same pain x

Hi ladies

I’m due to have a full removal at the end of jan my doc has already warned me that the pain may return in a few years time after abd that follow up surgery maybe required for adhesions if I’m unlucky .

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