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Laparoscopy for fertility?

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Has anyone had a laparoscopy with view to improving their chances of getting pregnant and has it worked?

I have stage 3 all over my ovaries which are stuck to the back of my uterus and on tubes, uterosacral ligament and the back wall of my uterus. I had to have IVF for our only child and miraculously got pregnant naturally once but miscarried. I would like another lap for pain management but mainly to enhance fertility. Any experience successful or not?

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Hey- I had one 3 yrs ago and have stage 4 endo but unfortunately it didn’t help me conceive any quicker, we tried ivf which also failed and then 2 1/2yrs later got pregnant naturally x

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Congratulations on conceiving naturally. I can only imagine your joy. Nothing short of a miracle.


Sorry about your loss.

I have conceived naturally twice after laparoscopys .

Your endo grows same places as mine ( except mine isn’t on my ovaries)

I fell the month after my first laparoscopy but unfortunately lost the pregnancy at 4.5 weeks ( we had the lap 5 years 10 months of TTC & I hadn’t fallen within that time my endo was the cause of infertility )

My endometriosis re grew & was bad I needed a referral to an endo surgeon after my second laparoscopy.

After 2 months post third laparoscopy I fell naturally & I’m now 20 weeks pregnant.

For treating the endo was very effective for us to conceive. My endo grew Pod, uteroscaral ligaments & rectum. Unsure of my stage but had 3 laparoscopys in 13 months.

The laparoscopys never eased my pain & symptoms but did make a pregnancy possible which has helped my endo 🙂

Good luck. Also as yours seem severe/complicated you will need endo specialist that is BSGE registered. xoxo

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Thank you so much for your response. That gives me so much hope. Sorry for your loss too and huge congratulations on falling pregnant. Hope you’re feeling great and doing well with your pregnancy.

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Thank you, it’s going well I’m 20 weeks now. Keep going it will happen for you ❤️ xoxo


Been there, done that :) I have endo stage IV, so not much hope at all! My doctor said it would be almost impossible for me to conceive naturally, my only chance being IVF. He recommended a lap to increase my chances, so I went for surgery last May. They found endo on both ovaries, tubes... It wasn't the plan, but they ended removing one of my tubes because it was totally destroyed, a couple of uterine cysts, and 'cleaned' my ovaries as much as they could. We did our 1st IVF cycle in July, but now I know it was a bit too soon after surgery. However, we did conceive on our second round back in September. So, definitely a YES; go for it.

Huge congratulations for conceiving! Hope then pregnancy is going well. Did you have to sign to agree that they remove an ovary if needed? That would shock me to hear on waking up.

Before the surgery they confirmed the cysts and the two choco cyst in both my ovaries. You do have to sign an authorisation before they go in as with any procedure. I didn't know they had to remove my tube, though and I was kind of shocked when I woke up (I was still under the anesthesics and I started crying and calling myself 'Tube-less woman' lol)

However, I must say that my situation was pretty bad inside, even my doctor was surprised. They saw everything was absolutely covered with endo (+ an old infection!), so they basically had to do it to protect everything else. Before I went in, they didn't even know if they had to perform a hysteroscopy at the same time (they didn't), which I also had to sign for just in case. He even said that he'd consider removing my ovaries at a later date, but he had to leave them as I wanted to conceive, so... not the best scenario in my case (as I mentioned, severe endo grade IV).

Just follow your doctor's recommendations and tell them to explain every case scenario as many times as possible so it's clear and there's no surprises. The procedure is tough enough as it is!

My lap was for the best, I'm not longer in pain (like NOTHING, after more than 20 years crying), I healed very quickly and for someone who had it 'almost' impossible to conceive, I'm now pregnant 6 months later :) (and it took longer because we had to do FET) No regrets!

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